‘Friday The 13th’ Origin Story Coming To Theaters, Titled Sequel ‘Part 13’ [Video]

‘Friday The 13th’ Origin Story Coming To Theaters, Titled Sequel ‘Part 13’ [Video]

Friday the 13th may not be the dreaded remake that everyone has been so worried about in the horror film community. Although there has already been a remake in the franchise, this new film will mark the 13th movie that Jason Voorhees has been a part of, so producers have a special treat in store for you on the upcoming project.

Horror films are not always the biggest box-office draw, but they do have a devoted fan base that will run out see just about anything that gets released. That’s why it’s such a golden opportunity for producers of Friday the 13th Part XIII (Part 13) to use this as a major celebration of one of the most notoriously violent and frightening franchises of all time.

Not only will Friday the 13th be a sequel in the franchise (counting in order of succession as opposed to storylines in sync or universe), but fans will also get to see something they just barely got a glimpse of in Freddy Vs. Jason way back in 2003. As reported by horror news website Bloody Disgusting, they have confirmed the latest details about the new Friday the 13th movie to actually be an origin story that will feature young Jason Voorhees and his psychotic mother, Pamela Voorhees, as well as his father, Elias.

Before we get too heavy into the details about the new Friday the 13th, let’s just take a moment for you non-horror fans to catch up as to why this is so significant. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead from other movies in the Friday the 13th franchise. If you have not watched them yet, then only proceed with that caution in mind.

First of all, Friday the 13th was originally a horror movie that came out in 1980. Contrary to popular belief, that movie did not feature Jason Voorhees as a killer, but rather his mother, Pamela Voorhees. She did so out of revenge for the death of her adolescent son, Jason Voorhees, who was thought to have drowned in Camp Crystal Lake many years before.

At the end of Friday the 13th, Pamela Voorhees died due to beheading. But after the final scene, a dream sequence, or a dream scene, came up that showed Jason Voorhees coming out of the lake and pulling the female heroine back down with him. But the girl woke up and professed that Jason Voorhees is still out there.

Perfect! Just like that, a franchise was born and Jason Voorhees came into play in Friday the 13th Part 2 as the main killer in every film that came after it (with one exception in Part V). Not only did Jason Voorhees not die, but he actually grew up and started murdering people as a full grown man. As a matter of fact, he did not actually experience a true on-screen death (although many films alluded to his death) until Friday the 13th Part IV.

Then, in Friday the 13th Part V, a copycat killer came back and stalked the young boy hero, Tommy Jarvis. But it wasn’t until Friday the 13th Part VI (Part 6) that Jason Voorhees became indestructible as a supernatural killer. He was impervious to bullets, fire or any other kinds of weapons that they tried to kill him with. That is until Tommy Jarvis discovered that he needed to be killed by superstitious means, which meant hanging him by a chain attached to a rock at the bottom of a lake.

Other sequels in the Friday the 13th franchise used supernatural ways of bringing him back and killing him again, but they could never quite keep him dead for long.

So now in Friday the 13th Part XIII (Part 13), horror fans will finally get to see Jason Voorhees as a young boy. There have also been some news that he may have a twin brother, as Bloody Disgusting reported that there was a casting call for twins, also noting that it could be because of child labor laws in Georgia.

But if the theory pans out, it could be explained that Jason Voorhees never drowned in the lake, but rather his twin brother did in the next Friday the 13th origin story film.

Production on Friday the 13th Part XIII starts in late March and runs through May, which could mean horror fans will get to see the film as early as October this year.

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