Kody Brown with his wives

‘Sister Wives’ Stars Debunk Rumors On New Special: What Is True And What Isn’t?

Tonight on a new episode of Sister Wives the Brown family sat down to talk about how their lives are now and answer a few questions. This was the big season finale of Sister Wives. They sat down with Andrea Canning to talk about it all in the second part of their tell-all. One thing that everyone wonders is if there will be another season of Sister Wives. This was not discussed tonight, but after the show, Andrea went to Twitter and said, “Thank you #sisterwives and @realkodybrown and your entire family! Great getting to know you guys. @TLC Look forward to the next season!” This has everyone hopeful that Sister Wives is coming back again.

There were a ton of rumors discussed on Sister Wives tonight, including a small section at the end where the Browns just basically said if rumors were true or not. There are always a lot of rumors flying about the Brown family of Sister Wives. They seem to have really picked up since Meri Brown was catfished. Andrea spent some time talking to Mariah Brown during the show tonight, and she did share that she doesn’t have a girlfriend just yet, but that doesn’t mean she is against the idea if it was to happen for her. Her entire family seemed to take the news that she was gay pretty well and several of her siblings already had it figured out before Mariah told them.

One big rumor that has been flying is that Meri Brown is leaving the family of Sister Wives behind and has plans to move to Hawaii and marry a man that she met there. Meri said that there is no truth to this rumor and that she isn’t going anywhere. She did share that she has friends in Hawaii, but that is it. Meri may have been spending time there, but according to her, it was not for a man that she plans to run away with and get married to as some of the rumors have said. Meri is still with Kody and doesn’t have plans to leave that she is revealing.

There has also been talk that Mindy, Robyn’s niece, would be joining the Brown family as Kody’s fifth wife. On Sister Wives tonight, Kody Brown said this wasn’t true and was actually insulting to him that people were even saying it. Robyn also shared that Kody isn’t even Mindy’s type.

Another rumor was that Robyn Brown has her own spin-off coming and she shared that this isn’t true either. She also doesn’t have any plans to leave Kody and says he is still attracted to her regardless of what you might have heard. Kody doesn’t really owe over six figures in debt except for their mortgages. Of course, Kody Brown made sure the Sister Wives fans knew that pretty much everyone that has a mortgage has that much debt. Of course, they didn’t share exactly how much debt Kody has, but he does have four wives and a lot of children to take care of.

Were you shocked to hear the Brown family talk about all of these rumors on Sister Wives tonight? Do you think that they are telling the truth? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. As of right now, there is no confirmation of another season of Sister Wives, but even Robyn Brown called it a season finale and not a series finale on her Twitter. Hopefully, confirmation of a renewal comes out soon!

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