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One Hundred UFOs Were Allegedly Spotted On China-India Border

A total of 100 UFOs allegedly spotted along the India-China border have reportedly caused concern for government officials. Beginning in August the unidentified flying objects supposedly made appearances and puzzled local officials.

Yellowish spheres appeared to lift off the horizon on the Chinese side of the border, according to The Times of India. The UFOs reportedly wandered around the sky for up to five hours before disappearing, according to the Huffington Post.

The UFO sightings have reportedly puzzled multiple Indian military groups. The air force, NTRO technical intelligence agency and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police are all allegedly stumped by the yellowish spheres many are describing as UFOs.

Military officials along the more than 2,000 mile long Asian border have reportedly ruled out the presence of Chinese low-orbit satellites or drones, according to the Los Angeles Times. Reports were issued calling the spheres Unidentified Luminous Objects, or ULOs. The UFOs allegedly glow during both daytime and evening hours. An army official reportedly ruled out the possibility of the ULOs being unmanned aerial vehicles.

In September, the Indian army reportedly placed a mobile ground-based radar unit and spectrum analyser at Pangong Lake on top of a mountain situated between India and China. One of the unidentified flying objects was allegedly spotted visually but not picked up by the radar.

A team from the Indian Astronomical Observatory at Hanle watched the ULOs for several days. Although the team of astronomers were also unable to figure out what the yellowish spheres were, they did rule out the possibility of the ULOs being either meteors or planets.