Bank Of America Wrongly Repossesses Couple's Car, Refuses To Give It Back

Bank Of America Wrongly Repossesses Couple’s Car, Refuses To Give It Back

Bank of America wrongly repossessed the car of a Pennsylvania couple, refusing to give it back even after the bank realized its mistake.

The incident took place when the couple saw a repo man taking away their van, NBC Philadelphia reported. Even though Dominic and Tara Nardini had kept up to date and never missed a payment, Bank of America still repossessed the car.

“He says, ‘Oh, we got a request from Bank of America to repossess the car because we didn’t pay our bill,’ ” Dominic Nardini told NBC Philadelphia.

The couple checked their bank account and found they had made the July payment that Bank of America claimed never came through, and even had the canceled check to prove it.

“They mistakenly put July’s payment in somebody else’s account,” Dominic said.

But Bank of America was not swayed, asking the couple for the $360 that was missing for July and keeping the van locked up for two weeks. The couple turned to NBC Philadelphia‘s investigative team, which helped return the car within two days.

Bank of America appeared contrite after finally letting the car go, but gave no explanation as to why it had been repossessed for so long: “The miscommunications in this case were unfortunate, but we are glad the situation has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

“The customer service, it’s a disgrace. They should be ashamed of themselves,” Tara Nardini said of Bank of America.

Bank of America’s wrongful repossession isn’t the only trouble the bank has gotten into recently. In September the bank agreed to pay $2.43 billion for not telling the truth about the financial health of itself or Merrill Lynch, which it acquired. Last month Bank of America was sued for $1 billion by the Justice Department for alleged mortgage fraud.