Kim Kardashian posts photo with Paris Hilton on app

Kim Kardashian Proves She Has No Drama With Paris Hilton With One Simple Photo

Kim Kardashian is shutting down rumors that she and Paris Hilton are enemies as she posts photos with her former boss.

Kardashian shared photos from Kris Jenner’s annual holiday party on her app and website this week, including one of her posing with Hilton. The post is similar to one Hilton posted in December, however, Kim did not share any holiday photos until this week. Kardashian’s post may very well prove there’s no bad blood between her and the heiress.

Lovely evening celebrating the holidays with @KimKardashian. ✨✨????????????????✨✨

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The 36-year-old Kardashian also shared photos from the Christmas Eve party of Kanye and her kids, North and Saint West. In one photo, Kim holds her 1-year-old son while North plays with ornaments on the tree beside her. However, it’s a photo of Kanye holding Saint that shows a more candid side to the Kardashian.

It was believed Kanye did not attend Jenner’s party as he arrived after Kim and the kids. However, photos have since proven Kanye was invited and did, in fact, attend the celebration. In the photo, Kanye is seen with blonde hair as he dyed it after being released from the hospital. It was this hospitalization for exhaustion that led people to believe he and Kim were having issues, and the rapper was not invited to Jenner’s party.

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But, Kim has shut down those rumors as she also shares photos of her husband on her website. And while learning Kim and Kanye did attend the party together, fans may be more surprised at learning the Kardashian is friends with her former boss, Paris as the two have had some drama over the years.

Us Weekly reported on Kardashian and Hilton’s friendship since ending their work relationship, and it seems the Hilton wants to remind the world who made Kim famous. Paris took to Instagram in June to ‘like’ a post with her head Photoshopped into Kanye’s “Famous” video with the caption “I made this b**** famous.”

“She knows the fame game well. Paris Hilton recently liked an Instagram meme that makes fun of Kanye West’s “Famous” music video and suggests that the former Simple Life star made the rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian, a household name.”

And while it may not seem like a big deal, it was just one of a few ways Paris threw shade at Kim. Us Weekly also quoted Paris as she discussed Kim’s accomplishments, and it seems she’s at least taking responsibility for “inspiring” the Kardashian.

“We’ve known each other since we were little girls. We’ve always been friends. It’s nice to inspire people. I’m really proud of her and what she’s done.”

In fact, Bustle has created a list of all the times Paris shaded Kim while they were friends. Of course, it includes quotes of Paris telling Kim to clean her closet, stating Ray J—Kim’s former boyfriend and sex tape partner— is her favorite Kardashian, and telling Kim to ‘shut up.’ But it seems that’s all water under the bridge as Kim has now shared her and Hilton’s photo.

The Daily Mail reported on Paris sharing the photo of her and Kim in December, calling the two women “frenemies.”

“But former BFFs Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have officially called off the frenemy fire – and the heiress has the picture to prove it.”

Paris captioned her photo with a simple “Lovely evening celebrating the holidays with @KimKardashian,” but Kim had yet to comment on the interaction until this week. And while Kardashian didn’t include a caption on her app post, she did make a statement just by including the image among the photos of Kanye and her kids.

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