Its Thanksgiving Single is Awful

Nicole Westbrook Could Be The Next Rebecca Black Thanks To ‘It’s Thanksgiving’ Single

Remember Rebecca Black? It was hard to ignore the singer after her song “Friday” received millions of hits on YouTube. Now the team behind that awesomely bad song has teamed up with Nicole Westbrook to release “It’s Thanksgiving.”

If the song sounds familiar, that’s because Patrice Wilson, the rapper in the new video and Black’s “Friday,” wrote both songs. The video and song are also the product of Ark Music Factory, the same company behind Rebecca Black’s success.

How could we not love a song with lyrics like:

“January was New Year, April was Easter, but now it’s Thanksgiving.”

Now think back to Rebecca Black’s hit song in which she sorta sang:

“Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday.”‘

Patrice Wilson sure does love to remind us all of the days of the week; perhaps he should become a children’s song writer.

This time around, it appears that Ark Music Factory knows exactly what they are doing. This music video is definitely a spoof of “Friday,” which is apparent when Nicole Westbrook starts singing into a turkey leg microphone.

We don’t know if Nicole is in on the joke, but she had better start laughing at herself before kids at her school starting laughing without her.

Here’s the “It’s Thanksgiving” music video:

I wonder of Katy Perry is going to friend Westbrook like she did with Rebecca Black.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go clean the blood out of my ears after listing to Nicole Westbrook sing.