Goldbergs Opponent For WWE FastLane Revealed

WWE News: Goldberg’s Opponent Revealed For Shocking Match at ‘FastLane,’ Will Face Kevin Owens For the WWE Universal Title

After a ton of speculation heading into the WWE Royal Rumble PPV, Kevin Owens has retained the WWE Universal Championship and will be headed into a huge match at WWE FastLane. Many people were under the impression that WWE would utilize the big stage of the ‘Royal Rumble’ to take the WWE Universal title off of Kevin Owens and onto Roman Reigns. However, Braun Strowman had something to say about that.

Finally, the WWE Universal title picture is clear after weeks of speculation and rumors. Roman Reigns will be heading into a rivalry with Strowman on the “Road to Wrestlemania.” Kevin Owens is still likely to face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 33, but there is still some speculation about their match being for the WWE Universal Championship because there could still be a massive title change at the WWE FastLane PPV.

It’s been reported there are huge plans for Goldberg heading into WWE FastLane. He will be featured in the main event of the PPV, but his opponent was up in the air until recently. Last week, it was confirmed that his opponent would not be Brock Lesnar and he could even face The Big Show at the PPV. However, it’s now being reported that WWE officials are thinking much bigger for Goldberg at the WWE FastLane PPV.

Goldberg Will Face Kevin Owens at WWE FastLane
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The WWE Universe would like to see Goldberg face many Superstars from the current roster. Roman Reigns is still at the top of that list, but WWE officials have him feuding with Braun Strowman over the next couple of months. There is still a lot of time for WWE officials to book the Goldberg vs. Reigns dream match now that the former has signed an extension with the company, but WWE has something else planned.

According to a new report before the WWE Royal Rumble PPV, Goldberg will be facing the WWE Universal Champion in the main event of WWE FastLane. Kevin Owens retained the championship against Reigns at the WWE Royal Rumble tonight, so WWE officials are planning Goldberg vs. Owens for WWE FastLane.

There is no question that Kevin Owens can handle a feud with Goldberg. He’s the top heel on Raw and the WWE Universal Championship. Instead, the question is if WWE officials would be willing to put the WWE Universal title on Goldberg before Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg is still expected to face Brock Lesnar on the grandest stage of them all in Orlando, so winning Raw’s World Title isn’t out of the question.

Goldberg will Be in the Main Event of FastLane
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Recently, Goldberg admitted that he would be willing to extend his schedule and make more appearances on WWE television if he were to win the Universal title. When Goldberg first made his announcement for the ‘Royal Rumble’ match, his goal was to have one last title run. Kevin Owens’ run with the Universal title is expected to end soon. Did WWE just postpone the title changed until WWE FastLane?

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens is still penciled in for Wrestlemania, but their match may not need the WWE Universal title. On paper, Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar doesn’t necessarily need the championship either, but the powers that be could be thinking that Goldberg vs. Lesnar III is a much bigger match if the title is a part of their final match. In the interest of selling Wrestlemania 33, that could be best for business.

What was interesting about Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns heading into the WWE Royal Rumble was the unpredictability and likelihood of a huge title change. Now, WWE is heading into the WWE FastLane. If the WWE Universal Title match is Goldberg vs. Owens, the PPV will have the same unpredictability, and it will be a very important PPV heading into Wrestlemania 33.

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