Celebrities bash Donald Trump

The Week In Donald Trump Bashing: Trevor Noah, Bill Maher, And Chelsea Handler

Now that Donald Trump has officially taken over as president, it has become Donald Trump Bashing Central among celebrities. Let’s take a look at just some of this week’s biggest Trump bashers.

Trevor Noah

“It’s been almost a week, a whole week since Donald Trump became president. But it feels like a lot longer, right?” Noah asked The Daily Show audience on Thursday evening.

Trevor Noah bashes Donald Trump
Trevor Noah has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics. [Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

He went on to note that in the past seven days, we’ve had an inauguration packed with empty space, worldwide protests that made it acceptable to say “pussy,” confirmations, executive orders, and Kellyanne Conway.

Noah went on to talk about Trump’s first televised interview from the White House and how the president kept praising Fox News. He mocked Donald Trump as a “little child,” which had the audience cheering.

Noah then talked about Trump’s executive orders that targeted immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries. Noah noted that none of the terrorists who were involved in the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, which Trump mentioned, were from those countries. In fact, one was a United States Citizen.

Trevor Noah won praise for his segment from BGR and many other sources for his segment in which he also reimagined Donald Trump as the Joker from 2008’s The Dark Knight.

Bill Maher

As Marlow Stern from the Daily Beast reports, Bill Maher accused Trump of being a guy who never could bring a woman to an orgasm on his show Real Time.

“He keeps holding [the executive orders] up after he signs them, like, ‘Look! Look mommy, I finished my coloring! Maybe we can put it on the refrigerator!’ The problem is, you know, executive orders are a real thing,” Maher said, adding that when Obama did it, he had lawyers go over the orders, and people knew what was happening in all of the departments.

Maher opened his monologue by indicating it is “day seven of the war on facts.” He compared Donald Trump’s first week to the last half hour of the movie Goodfellas.

Bill Maher thinks Donald Trump is a joke.
Bill Maher has bashed Donald Trump since 2010. [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

“It can’t really go on for four more years, can it? I feel like I’m going to lose my mind,” Maher continued to laughs from the audience.

Maher went on to talk about Donald Trump’s claim that his inauguration was the largest ever, even though a picture shows it was a mostly white space. He drew the most laughs when he stated that the difference between Donald Trump and Scientology is that the latter has better celebrities.

Chelsea Handler

Then, there is Chelsea Handler. According to the Independent, Handler not only said that she would never have Donald Trump on his show, but also indicated that she would never be interested in interviewing Melania Trump since she thinks the First Lady can barely speak English.

Chelsea attracted a lot of criticism for her comments on Twitter.

According to USA Today, Handler led the Sundance edition of the Women’s march, where she led hundreds of women screaming chants such as “love trumps hate.” Some people were angry that Chelsea Handler was associated with the march given her controversial comments in the past that pit women against other women.

Next week’s edition of The Week in Donald Trump Bashing should be more intense, especially given the effects of his refugee ban. A lot of celebrities have already spoken up. Still, Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be too upset.

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