WWE News: Jerry Lawler Says Dolph Ziggler Caused His Heart Attack

WWE News: Jerry Lawler Says Dolph Ziggler Caused His Heart Attack

Back in 2012, Jerry Lawler was working commentary for the WWE on Monday Night Raw and suffered a heart attack. According to Lawler, he died for a short time before EMTs resuscitated him and brought him back. In an interview with Cerrito Live, Lawler said that he believes that Dolph Ziggler led to the heart attack.

Shortly before the Jerry Lawler heart attack, he was in the ring wrestling in a match. The match saw Lawler teaming with Randy Orton to fight CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. While the match was set up thanks to a mini-feud between Lawler and Punk, it was Dolph Ziggler who did the most damage.

WWE News: Jerry Lawler Says Dolph Ziggler Caused His Heart Attack
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Lawler said that Dolph Ziggler hit him with 10 straight elbow drops. For fans who don’t watch Dolph Ziggler closely, his elbow drops see him leap into the air and drop the elbow across his opponent’s chest. Lawler said that they legitimately hurt everytime he dropped one on his chest.

“I think he did 10 in a row. And I remember at about the number five, I just thought to myself, ‘damn, whatever happened to the days where we’d do this and not kill each other?’ That was my exact thought sitting there. I remember having that exact thought. I’m thinking, ‘this freakin’ guy is killing me with these things, right?’ and sure enough, he did!”

Thankfully, medical personnel saved Lawler’s life that night and he has since returned to the WWE and was a commentator once again for the company. Jerry Lawler has since signed a new one-year deal with the WWE and will return to serve as a commentator at the Royal Rumble tonight.

Jerry Lawler also started a feud with Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown Live. The feud was based in reality as Lawler returned with his “King’s Court” interview segment and his guest was Dolph Ziggler, who recently turned heel.

When asking why Dolph Ziggler turned against Kalisto and turned heel, Ziggler refused to answer. Lawler then turned up the heat and began to rip into Ziggler, calling him a loser whether he was a fan favorite or a heel.

That sent Dolph Ziggler into full heel mode when he said that Lawler always hated him because he blamed him for the heart attack. He said that Lawler always thought it was his fault and maybe it was. That is when Dolph Ziggler superkicked Jerry Lawler right in the chest.

WWE News: Jerry Lawler Says Dolph Ziggler Caused His Heart Attack
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For anyone who remembered the Jerry Lawler heart attack, it was a huge moment. This was Dolph Ziggler going full heel and doing something that was purely evil, something that will make fans hate him more than just attacking someone like Kalisto.

JBL ran into the ring to protect Jerry Lawler and Dolph Ziggler rolled out and walked off slowly. When asked about the incident on Talking Smack, Dolph Ziggler said that Lawler was ripping into him and calling him a loser so he deserved the attack.


Tonight at the Royal Rumble, Dolph Ziggler will take part in the Royal Rumble match while Jerry Lawler is doing commentary. There is no way that the WWE set up this angle without intentions to pay off the event during the Royal Rumble.

There are doubts that the WWE would allow Jerry Lawler to compete in another match after that heart attack so paying off the angle in full is as likely as Daniel Bryan fighting The Miz once again. However, Jerry Lawler costing Ziggler a chance to win the Royal Rumble could lead to big things for the Dolph Ziggler heel turn on SmackDown Live.

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