Recent leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been very encouraging.

Galaxy S8 Leaks: No, Samsung Won’t Be Invading The Flagship’s Screen With Its Logo [Debunked]

Recent leaks of the Galaxy S8 have managed to get numerous fans of the device a little bit worried. After releasing arguably the most legitimate leaks of the upcoming Samsung flagship, Evan Blass, one of the most reliable sources for upcoming devices, released a statement that got fans extremely apprehensive. According to Blass, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have some pretty aggressive branding. About a quarter of an inch’s worth of branding, in fact.

Unsurprisingly, the news has been met with widespread criticism from smartphone users across the internet, with many stating that the Galaxy S8’s bigger screen and revamped design would be completely wasted by Samsung’s quarter-inch logo. After all, there seems to be very little sense in giving customers more screen real estate if a part of it would be hardcoded to display the South Korean tech giant’s logo all the time.

In a lot of ways, the very notion of a hard-coded Samsung logo in the Galaxy S8 appears to violate the very principles of a flagship smartphone’s design. After all, the halo devices of tech giants such as Apple have always been branded in a very subtle manner. A perfect example of this would be the iPhone 7, which only has a small Apple logo and the word “iPhone” printed in small font at the device’s back. The same is true for Samsung’s devices so far, with the South Korean tech giant’s logo being sized reasonably in its previous flagships.

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature extremely formidable specs.
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Thus, since news broke that the Galaxy S8 would be aggressively branded by Samsung through a massive, invasive hard-coded logo, fans of the device have been in no less than an uproar online, with many commenters in Blass’ tweet alone nervously asking if he was being serious. One thing that added fuel to the fire was the fact that Blass has never been known to joke around much with his Twitter followers, as stated in a Forbes report.

This time, however, it seems like that could very well be the case. A new tweet from Blass, posted on Sunday, contained a very notable tag that has been made popular in online forums such as Reddit over the years. As it turned out, the ubiquitous character addressed the apprehension of numerous fans who reacted negatively to the news of the Galaxy S8 being given a ridiculously-sized logo on its display.

The “/s” tag utilized by Blass is a well-known tag in online forums. Inspired by classic HTML tags, “/s” denotes that the writer who posted the message was being sarcastic. Thus, with “/s” simply an abbreviation of the word “sarcasm,” Blass, who has never been known for joking, has managed to troll his followers in a pretty effective manner.

With this in mind, fans of Samsung’s flagship device need not worry. While the flagship’s fingerprint sensor from Blass’ Galaxy S8 leak (the legitimate one) was placed at a rather awkward position, the rumored internals and features of the device remain extremely encouraging.

Rumors of the Galaxy S8 being equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and a 4K display appear to be more realistic than ever, and speculations pointing to features such as an iris scanner and a revolutionary A.I.-based voice assistant seem to be well-grounded as well, according to a TechRadar report. Thus, while most of the device’s specifics remain unknown and unconfirmed as of this date, the Galaxy S8 is, as far as leaks and rumors are concerned, a pretty excellent and formidable device.

Not all rumors about the Galaxy S8 are great, however, as previous leaks have also teased what could be the flagship’s shortcomings. Recent speculations have pointed to the Galaxy S8 being equipped with a 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage combination. Considering that the Galaxy S8 is a flagship device, Samsung fans have expected far more, along the lines of 6GB to 8GB of RAM, at least.

The release date for the Galaxy S8 is getting closer, with reports emerging that the device would get a release date sometime during the latter half of April. Thus, it would not be long before all questions about the upcoming device would finally get their answers. From what could be determined so far, it appears that the Galaxy S8 might very well be worth the wait.

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