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WWE News: Brand New Championship Belt Possibly Being Designed By WWE

WWE has really overhauled many their championship belts in the last year, and it looks as if they aren’t even close to being done. There is work being done to unveil new designs for two current championships soon, but there is now evidence of one of the main titles getting a new look. Word and photo evidence has come out that the WWE Universal Championship belt is getting a bit of work done to it, and it has some interesting designers working on it.

Superstars may not necessarily care what their belts look like as they simply want to be the rightful owner of one. Still, there have been a lot of wrestlers who have enjoyed customizing and making belts more fitting of them during their title reigns.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that the Orange County Choppers made an interesting post on Twitter that had them “finishing up another WWE championship belt.”

Looking closer at the pic, you can read “Universal Champion” underneath the giant WWE logo in the center. Of course, there is also an image of the current title belt on the table along with the work being done by OCC.

Maybe, Orange County Choppers is redesigning the title entirely and making sure they don’t make the new one that looks exactly like the old one. On the other hand, they may simply be making another Universal Title belt and putting a new color or perhaps some different nameplates on it for current title holder Kevin Owens.

Then again, it could be in preparation for someone else to hold the Universal Championship belt. As confirmed by the official website of WWE, Roman Reigns is taking on Kevin Owens in a No Disqualification Match on Sunday night at the Royal Rumble, and the belt could end up changing hands.

wwe news new universal championship belt orange county choppers
[Image by WWE]

The current design of the WWE Universal Championship belt was unveiled at SummerSlam in August, and it was not received very well. The WWE Championship was over on SmackDown LIVE, and this new title was set to be the primary top belt on Monday Night Raw. So, an exact replica was made, only the strap was colored red instead of black.

Since the WWE Championship came into existence, the Women’s Championships for both brands have also been redesigned to look similar. Inquisitr recently reported that the Intercontinental Title and United States Title would both be redesigned soon, but they will not match the look of the belts with the big WWE logo.

The Universal Championship was first held by Finn Balor after he defeated Seth Rollins in one of the final matches at SummerSlam. Due to injury, Balor vacated the title the next evening on Monday Night Raw, and Kevin Owens won it a week later in a Fatal 4-Way match.

Orange County Choppers may be designing a brand new belt for the Universal Championship, or they may simply be making an extra title. Then again, they could be making the title for someone else or another client or for who knows what reason, but fans should know soon.

The championship belts that have been around the waists and draped over the shoulders of many men and women have had a lot of different looks over the years. Titles have been redesigned entirely. New belts have been introduced. Some championships have been retired while others have been introduced. If the WWE Universal Championship belt really is getting redesigned so quickly after making its debut, it would have to be one of fasted in history.

[Featured Image by WWE]