'The Bachelor' villain Corinne Olympios seen with ring

‘The Bachelor’ Villain Corinne Olympios Seen With Huge Ring, Her Mom Speaks Out [Spoilers]

Every season on The Bachelor it never fails one lucky contestant is crowned the season villain. This year on Nick Viall’s season, Corinne Olympios has been handed the torch. Corinne does not seem to have too many fans on her side, including the other women on the show, but Nick is really into her. Episode 5 is set to air Monday night with a dreaded two-on-one date between Corinne and Taylor. Will this be the end of Corinne or will a recent picture that surfaced of Olympios sporting a huge engagement ring end up being a precursor for what’s to come?

One of us is a Bachelorette contestant and the other has a nanny.

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Entertainment Tonight shared the story about Corinne sporting a huge diamond on her ring finger. A photo surfaced on Instagram with Olympios and social media personality Claudia Oshry in which the huge rock is visible on Corinne’s left hand. What does this all mean? Did Corinne just spoil the season of The Bachelor?Entertainment Tonight reached out to ABC for comment, and they denied the request.

While ABC, Nick, and Corinne are staying mum about the rumor-filled photo, Olympios mother is speaking out about more things than one to set the record straight and defend her daughter. US Weekly shared that Corinne’s mom, Peri Olympios, is saying most of what the public has seen has been fake. Peri said of Corinne, “She decided either you are two people that get remembered — the winner or the villain. Just like Chad [Johnson] and a few others in the last [shows]. Yes, she took it to the limits, most of it is fake.”

If Corinne was shooting for villain, she definitely succeeded. Olympios was even seen in a photo with last season’s villain Olivia Caridi on Instagram. Olivia captioned the photo, “One time Kanye said, “I’m sorry, but these are the best TV villains of all time, OF ALL TIME.” #thebachelor#bachelornation #villainsgottavill#teamvillain #cheesepasta.”

One time Kanye said, "I'm sorry, but these are the best TV villains of all time, OF ALL TIME." #thebachelor #bachelornation #villainsgottavill #teamvillain #cheesepasta

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What exactly were the fake parts? Peri says her daughter Corinne was wearing cover-ups on her breasts during the wedding shoot in the pool and also a bathing suit under the trench coat at the mansion. She also expressed her disappointment with producers over the whipped cream scenes with Corinne and Nick. Peri said, “Do you really think a can of Reddi Whip was sitting there in the corner by the pool in the heat?” She expressed that people need to remember a lot of scenes have been cut out.

Corinne’s mother has also been the recipient of menacing phone calls about her daughter. Peri voiced that she is not happy about it and is threatening legal action against them. Peri said, “Believe me, I have every one of your phone numbers and where you’re calling from. And so will the police.”

Corinne’s mother also addressed the engagement rumors swirling around Olympios. Entertainment Tonight shared that Peri is saying the rumors are false. Corinne’s mom says the ring in the photo actually belonged to Claudia Oshry. Peri said, “They did it as a spoof! Actually, it’s the comedian who’s engaged. It’s Claudia’s ring. They wanted to do a little skit thing. A spoof.” It worked and now everyone is talking!


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Peri also came to Corinne’s defense and said her daughter is wonderful and larger than life. She feels in the end Corinne’s time on The Bachelor will be a good thing for her and enhance her career. Peri said, “The show is great and enhanced her personality. So, you know, that’s why people were saying what they were saying when they were saying she’s a little promiscuous. As a mother, I’m going to protect my daughter.”

Peri also spoke out about all the allegations about nanny Raquel. She revealed that while Corinne is still coddled by the nanny, Raquel is a big part of their family and can have anything she wants. She shared that Raquel has been with them for 17 years and helped her through cancer.

Time will tell how far Corinne makes it with Nick on the show. If you can’t wait to find out, check out these spoilers previously shared by The Inquisitr. Don’t miss all the drama Corinne gets into next and find out if Nick will find his future bride Monday nights on The Bachelor on ABC.

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