Taylor Swift Surrounded By Shadows

Taylor Swift Thrashed Her Way Into Rumored Love Triangle Via New Video?

Taylor Swift’s new video with Zayn Malik has created a buzz with all that bed thrashing, lip puckering and sultry lyrics coming from Swift and aimed at Malik. The “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” music video has the moves coming from Swift and Malik now spun into a rumor that the two have chemistry for one another.

What’s even more amazing about this rumor is that Taylor Swift did all the bed thrashing and plumping out her lips while she was alone in the video. Apparently, that solo act by Swift worked to prove she is not only a magnificent singer, but she can now take a bow for some wonderful acting.

What worked so well in the new Taylor Swift video was that it left so much to the imagination. The video depicts Swift and Malik as lovers who split but are fighting off urges for one another. They do so in separate rooms and separate locations. Each of them did a great job of showing a romantic longing for one another that it was convincing enough to start rumors that the two fancy each other.

Besides the quick glimpse of Swift and Malik standing back to back in the video, both did completely solo acts for the music video. Solo acts or not, the rumor is growing, and the online world is wondering if all this chemistry seen coming from both Swift and Malik was the real deal.

As Vanity Fair reports, Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid, who is also one of Swift’s best friends, is not at all worried about the rumor. The love triangle compiled of Swift, Malik and Hadid, which is rumored online, isn’t something Hadid would give any of her attention to. It is nothing more than a rumor, but the rumor does speak to the talent of Swift and Malik when playing their roles in the video.

Most of the time celebrities scoff at rumors because they are a dime a dozen, but this is a rumor that does nothing but pay Swift and Malik a compliment. There have been tons of music videos with singers depicting romantic scenes that never make the headlines with a rumor about the chemistry looking real. Malik and Swift’s romantic scenes were done far away from each other, and still, they came off as steamy.

In Swift and Malik’s case, the two didn’t touch each other and weren’t even on the same set together for the majority of the video, and their chemistry transcended from a distance. The song was about a split between two people who are still very deeply in love, so the script played out much better with Swift and Malik in separate locations than it would have if they were in the same room together.

Malik showed anger by smashing things, and Swift took to a bed thrashing out her frustrations. TMZ spoke with “sources connected to the production” and learned that Hadid wasn’t on the set when either Swift or Malik filmed this music video.

Being in the business herself, Hadid wouldn’t have minded if Swift and Malik were all over each other to make the video work. She is confident with her relationship with Zayn and Taylor Swift is her close friend.

Hadid is not a girlfriend who would put a limit on Malik’s work. No matter what he did in a music video, it wouldn’t matter to her, “Gigi wouldn’t care,” reports TMZ.

It’s not as if two people thrown together for the sake of a movie or music video haven’t gotten together before. One of the more famous unions was when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made Mr. and Mrs. Smith together. That movie started a decades worth of a love affair, a brood of kids and sadly a pending divorce in the end.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had many hands-on scenes in that movie in which the chemistry took over. For Swift and Malik, the two were doing their sexy moves solo, so they could have had anyone dancing in their heads while acting out their roles to perfection.

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