Britney Spears biopic unauthorized Ever After

Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic Is Unauthorized And Entirely Questionable

Britney Spears sure looks fit and lean in her mid-30s, according to Maxim. And the “Toxic” singer has a tried-and-true way of proving it: Instagram. The 35-year-old pop icon took to Instagram to share a video of herself working out to Fergie’s 2006 hit song “Fergalicious.”


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With many of her fans expressing admiration over her amazing body and proper form of doing bar curls and squats, Britney Spears has never been shy about showing off her body on social media or in the press.

Not so long ago, Britney Spears shared a clip of herself working out to a Meghan Trainor song wearing a sexy sports bra. Many of her fans now can’t decide which one of these two Instagram videos look more inspirational to go and work hard in the gym.

But working out with a proper form and having an enviable body while she’s pushing her 40s are not the only fitness milestones Britney Spears has achieved. The “Baby One More Time” hitmaker also has the flexibility that any Olympic athlete would find impressive.

While Britney Spears probably has enough material to make her own fitness movie already, Lifetime announced this week it’ll release a new TV movie biopic about the pop icon’s life, according to E! Online.

For its new biopic Britney Ever After, which will debut on February 18, Lifetime cast Natasha Bennett as Britney Spears and is prepared to reveal a lot of drama from the “Toxic” singer’s past.

And while the new biopic hasn’t been approved or assisted by Britney Spears or anyone on her team, her fans find it rather questionable that Lifetime can actually reveal something from her life that they don’t already know.

In the first trailer for the Britney Spears biopic, Lifetime features Natasha Bennett’s Spears during performances and that infamous decade-old meltdown that resulted in the pop princess shaving her head.

Teasing Britney Ever After, Lifetime said it will detail “the tumultuous story of pop icon Britney Spears’ rise to fame,” including featuring the singer’s “fall from grace” and her “eventual triumphant resurrection.”

It’s yet unknown what moments from Britney Spears headlines-rich life will make it into the biopic, but many of her fans are hoping to see once again the singer’s red carpet appearance alongside Justin Timberlake wearing all denim, as well as that moment when Spears went out to buy some Cheetos and then went to Starbucks for a Frappuccino.

And while that sounds like fun, Britney Spears’ life wasn’t 100 percent fun, as the singer had to go through that emotional breakdown that ultimately required medical attention. And many of her fans are wondering if showing it on air is a good idea.

While Britney Spears’ emotional breakdown from a decade ago was thoroughly covered by every tabloid newspaper and every paparazzi aggressively followed her every move, the Lifetime biopic is unauthorized by Spears herself or anyone on her team.

Meaning: how can Lifetime adequately show Britney Spears’ side of the story without depicting what all of her fans already know? Unlike some celebrities that seek attention by telling their dramatic life stories, Spears’ emotional breakdown was a serious ordeal.

While some fans’ excitement over Britney Ever After is based on a questionable assumption that Lifetime could actually tell Britney Spears’ life story from her point of view, it’s not the case.

TV biopics have undoubtedly become a big thing in the 21st century, and the making of Britney Ever After depicting Britney Spears’ life is another proof of that. Only time will tell if the Lifetime biopic about Britney actually has anything new to reveal or if it’ll simply go through all the headlines from her life.

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