The new iPhone 8 will have wireless charging

iPhone 8: Apple’s Next Smartphone With Wireless Charging And Improved Waterproofing

The iPhone 8 won’t be released until next September, but that doesn’t stop the rumors from pouring in. The latest rumors aren’t really all new, but they are more specific. According to Mac Rumors, the iPhone 8 may use Apple’s in-house inductive wireless charging.

“Over the course of the last year, there has been ongoing speculation that wireless charging company Energous has inked a deal with Apple and could potentially provide wireless charging technology for the upcoming iPhone 8,” says columnist Juli Clover, who adds that a new investor’s note from Copperfield Research outlines why Apple has no plans to use Energous’ WattUp radio frequency-based wireless charging solution.

It is believed by many that Apple will use its own in-house charging solutions. That’s good news for some people since Apple has been working on wireless charging solutions for years. According to Cult of Mac, Apple may also be working on increased waterproofing for the upcoming iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 will be released in September of 2016
The next iPhone will have increased water resistance. [Image by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images]

“Apple may be planning to make its next iPhone even more waterproof…Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is currently the only smartphone with a device boasting a IP68 rating, but Apple allegedly plans to catch up this year with an iPhone that can can be submerged just as deep.”

Some people think that waterproof resistance isn’t that important, but they probably never dropped their phone in the toilet or even a pool. They probably haven’t taken videos underwater either. And the new iPhone 8 Plus camera, underwater or not, is expected to be a significant upgrade from the current one on the 7 Plus, which many think is already just about perfect.

According to Mac Rumors, the iPhone 8 may have some pretty advanced security features.

“Noted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a research report today in which he outlined further expectations for Apple’s 2017 iPhone, including new biometric identification technology as well as the necessity of a new design to provide better structural support for a flexible OLED display with 3D Touch capability.”

As Mac Rumors notes, Kuo believes Apple is developing new Touch ID tech to complement its zero bezel screen. Apple could also completely replace the Touch ID with an advanced facial recognition system.

BGR describes how Apple may incorporate augmented reality with their next smartphone in 2017.

New iPhone could have augmented reality features
Apple has been working on augmented reality that could see the light in 2017. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

“The way Apple envisions implementing augmented reality into the iPhone is multi-faceted. For instance, Apple envisions iPhone users being able to point their cameras at any number of objects and have the device itself recognize what’s in frame,” says columnist Yoni Heisler.

The article adds that as another example, Apple could build functionality that would allow the iPhone camera to completely manipulate faces. Apple has filed for several augmented reality patents in the past two years, and their version of this type of technology may come to full fruition this fall.

There is a lot of excitement for the iPhone 8 on Twitter.

As the Inquisitr mentioned a couple days back, Apple will have to not only compete with the Galaxy S8, but Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Phone as well. According to Trusted Reviews, a recently-granted Microsoft patent reveals a new type of mobile device that switches between tablet and smartphone modes using folded hinges. Many people think this is the Surface Phone, which will operate on a full desktop operating system, unlike the iPhone 8.

Microsoft could help dominate the smartphone industry in 2017 with Apple and Samsung. 2017 is set to be a very exciting year for smartphone lovers.

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