Derick Dillard Says He's Healthy

Derick Dillard Health Update: Jill Duggar’s Husband Responds To Concerns About Altered Appearance

Derick Dillard has finally updated fans on his health, so now they don’t have to wait until the Counting On episode about his physical issues airs to find out if he’s okay.

For months, fans of the Duggar family have been worrying about Derick Dillard’s health and commenting on his altered looks. Whenever Derick posts a photo of himself on Instagram, it’s usually flooded with comments about how much his appearance has changed over the last few months. This was the case with a January 26 photo of Derick posing with his 1-year-old son, Israel.

I love spending time with my son; never a dull moment ???? #familytime #israeldaviddillard

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A large number of fans simply complained about Derick Dillard’s decision to grow his hair out, but others commented that he looks unwell.

“Please cut your hair. I liked it better when you got married. Now you look too unhealthy,” one fan wrote.

“Are you ok @derickdillard you don’t look well at all,” another commented.

Quite a few of Derick’s Instagram followers responded to the negative comments about the Counting On star by coming to his defense. One supporter blamed a mystery illness on his altered appearance.

“Oh wow people! First of all he looks fine he’s been sick yes but if he wants to grow his hair so what,” the fan wrote.

The teaser trailer for Season 3 of Counting On is partly to blame for all the concern about Derick Dillard’s health. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, a snippet of footage shows Derick violently dry-heaving during a jog and stopping to vomit on the side of the road. Jill Duggar tells the Counting On cameras that running makes her husband “feel gaggy,” and Derick says that he’s “excited to talk to the doctor about what he thinks might be going on.” Another scene shows Derick in a doctor’s office having his throat checked out.

Whatever is wrong with Derick in the Counting On clip must not be anything too serious. He recently updated fans on his health, and it turns out that he’s doing just fine. One of his Twitter followers decided to check up on him by asking him if he really is sick, and he revealed that he is not.

Tomorrow night’s episode of Counting On may reveal what Derick Dillard found out during his doctor visit. The episode is titled “Bachelor Pad Makeover,” and its TV Guide description mentions a “wellness checkup.”

“Jinger goes to Laredo, Texas, with some of her siblings to give Jeremy’s bachelor pad a makeover, but they can’t agree on where to begin redecorating. Meanwhile, Derick, Jill and Israel get surprising news at their family wellness checkup.”

While Derick may not be seriously ill now, it’s possible that he looks sick in some of his older social media photos because they were taken while he was recovering from a stomach virus or some other disease that he came down with during his year-long stay in Central America. In a blog post on the Dillard Family website, Jill revealed that she and Derick both fell ill a few times while they were living in El Salvador as missionaries.

“Health is something we don’t take for granted, especially on the mission field in another country in an environment we’re not used to,” Jill wrote. “Derick and I are generally very healthy people, but when you’re eating, drinking and living in a different place than the one you grew up in, it’s not uncommon to come down with the ‘traveler’s stuff’ or other bacteria/viruses in the local jungle area.”

My sweet hubby @derickdillard brought me breakfast in bed. He's the "bestest"! ????❤️❤️❤️

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It’s also possible that some fans are fixated on Derick Dillard’s appearance because they’re simply having a difficult time getting used to seeing him with a wider jaw. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Derick underwent major oral surgery in 2015. He had bones in his mouth broken and cut to expand his palate, and the procedure drastically changed the shape of his face.

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