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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Butt In Thong On Family Vacation In Costa Rica

The entire Kardashian-Jenner clan is currently in Costa Rica on a family vacation minus Kim Kardashian West’s husband Kanye. Each member of the family has taken to social media to share pictures from the exotic adventure, but there were some photos released by TMZ on Saturday that might be the juiciest of the trip.

Kim’s sister Kourtney and half-sister Kylie Jenner have also been spending time in Costa Rica looking sexy in bikinis in pics posted to Instagram

Island ting.

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???? @mrmikerosenthal

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This is the first time Kim has shown this much skin since she was robbed in Paris. Kardashian had taken a break from social media for months after the robbery and only recently returned to the platforms.

The alleged robbers have since been caught by French police and one of the suspects arrested was Aomar Ait Khedache. According to Le Monde newspaper in France, Khedache, who goes by “Old Omar,” told police that the group had planned to rob Kim on a previous trip to Paris, but decided against it at the last minute when they noticed that she was constantly surrounded.

This time, Kardashian’s bodyguard left Kim in her hotel room as he went to watch after her sisters who decided to go explore the Paris nightlife. Khedache and the other robbers saw this as their perfect opportunity as they allegedly stole over $10 million from Kim Kardashian.

“Old Omar” also told police that the group melted down and sold all of the jewelry except Kim’s $4 million engagement ring that she got from Kanye. Khedache said someone has Kardashian’s 20-carat emerald-cut ring because the group was afraid to sell it for fear someone would recognize the stone. He said the group hung around Paris for a few days before some of them traveled to Antwerp with the loot to sell off for cash.

“So that the jewels would not be recognised, we took a joint decision to melt them down,” said Khedache.

“One of us took care of that… He came back with bars… Altogether there must have been a bit more than 800 grams,” he said.

Kim said in testimony that a gun was pointed at her, but “Old Omar” said that wasn’t the case. “We didn’t take our weapons out in front of a woman,” he said in his testimony. “The person with me tied her up on the bed… I placed her in the bath.”

Lastly, Aomar Ait Khedache revealed that planning the robbery was easy because the group only had to follow Kim Kardashian’s social media posts to find out where should would be and the kind of jewelry she owned.

“The jewels were shown on the internet, and (she said) that she didn’t wear fakes… the time she would arrive in France, you just had to look at the internet and you knew everything, absolutely everything,” he said.

Kim Kardashian also recently made waves by showing support for outgoing president Barack Obama.

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