Kylie Jenner criticized for sharing bikini photos while in Costa Rica

Kylie Jenner’s Costa Rica Bikini Pics Criticized As Fans State She’s ‘Trying Too Hard’

Kylie Jenner is vacationing with her family in Costa Rica this week and is already flooding social media with bikini photos.

However, fans are not loving the reality star’s latest uploads as her followers have taken to criticizing the way she walks in one video. Kylie shared a Boomerang clip of her walking hand in hand with Tyga. However, it’s how she’s walking that has a few people leaving comments. The 19-year-old seems to be pushing out her chest while sucking in her midsection, which leaves her with an arched back.

And Instagram users are ripping into her for trying to “walk thick” as Kylie seems to be trying to accentuate her curves.

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Jenner’s followers were not shy when it came to calling out how she was walking.

“Why are you walking like that @kyliejenner??? You look weird.”

“She Bout to break her back”

Some commenters simply told Kylie it looks like she’s trying too hard to be curvy as she arches her back while walking.

“the arch in back you trying too hard”

“She tries toooooo hard.. Looks painful how she walks.”

One Instagram user said it looks like Jenner has had too many surgeries that have left her unable to walk correctly.

“She’s walks like her boobs are way too heavy for her maybe need to stop getting all the surgeries”

Of course, the clip is only one of a few bikini posts Kylie has made this weekend as she enjoys Costa Rica. The cosmetics mogul also shared a couple photos showing her soaking up the sun while wearing a nude-colored bikini. This time, however, the pose seems more artistic and not so unnatural.

???? @mrmikerosenthal

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Fans didn’t seem to have anything negative to say about this shot as they left comments telling Kylie she’s beautiful.

“You’re too hot”

The post also received a whopping 1.8 million likes in just six hours, as well. Of course, some commenters couldn’t resist calling out Jenner’s denial of plastic surgery as she puts her cleavage on full display in the photo.

“Not fooling anyone with your “it’s that time of the month” excuse. All plastic”

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This comment refers to Kylie crediting her plumped-up boobs to “that time of the month” after she had told her followers her cleavage was all thanks to a push-up bra by Victoria’s Secret.

Hollywood Life reported on the boob job rumors as the site had a plastic surgeon weigh in on the debate. The plastic surgeon believes Kylie has absolutely had work done to achieve her curves, just as Instagram commenters suggest.

“Based on the photos of Kylie Jenner, it absolutely looks like she has had a breast augmentation. The giveaway signs are the size, cleavage and roundness. In Kylie’s case, the roundness and fullness of her breasts look too big to be natural. Her cleavage is too close together. In my opinion, the breasts should be more proportionate to her body.”

Jungle Bae

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However, Jenner still denies the rumors as she continues to openly flaunt her ample cleavage. But while people are speculating on whether or not her breasts are real, Kylie is spending some quality time with rapper boyfriend Tyga in the tropical paradise.

Us Weekly covered the young couple’s vacation as Kylie shared clips featuring her boyfriend as she calls him “jungle bae.”

“Cozy in Central America! Kylie Jenner shared a series of Instagram videos with her boyfriend, Tyga, on Saturday, January 28, while on a family vacation in Costa Rica.”

Of course, Kylie can be seen rocking a silver monokini while Tyga sports shorts and a tank top.

“In the clip, Jenner rocks a silver bikini and wears her black hair in braids while Tyga, 27, dons a black and red tank top and matching sunglasses.”

Even when fans believe it requires her to walk a bit strange to achieve the curves she’s come to be known for, Jenner never passes on an opportunity to wear a bikini.

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