wwe rumors rey mysterio return royal rumble twitter

WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio To Return To WWE As Surprise Entrant In ‘Royal Rumble’ – Hyping Event On Twitter

Ever since leaving WWE in 2015, there have been rumors that Rey Mysterio was going to return to the company at one point or another. Last year, there was a lot of talk of Mysterio returning to the company by WrestleMania 32, but it never happened. Now, the former world champion is a free agent after his contract with Lucha Underground expired and he is seriously teasing an appearance at the Royal Rumble tomorrow night.

To say the least, Rey Mysterio’s relationship with the company was strained during the final year of his contract. Things were smoothed over a little bit and the door was left open when he left, but some thought that the two reuniting would never happen again.

Well, Rey Rey certainly is talking about his old employer quite a bit lately and dropping a lot of hints that he may show up at Sunday’s Royal Rumble.

The Wrestling Observer, by way of Sports Keeda, reported that Konnan recently mentioned that Rey Mysterio’s contract with Lucha Underground has indeed expired. If anyone would know, it would be Konnan, so, that has to be taken as word and it means that Mysterio is now a free agent.

wwe rumors rey mysterio return royal rumble twitter
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While Konnan did say that Mysterio’s contract is up with Lucha Underground and that he could possibly return to WWE, the tweets are what’s drawing up so much interest. PW Mania pointed out how he has literally been promoting the event on Twitter and one of the tweets is even a countdown to the Royal Rumble.

Even after those two tweets, Mysterio retweeted WWE Mexico’s official account which showed a video of him entering the 2006 Royal Rumble. All in all, it has just been a really weird day of promotion by Rey Rey.

The Royal Rumble match for this year has a lot of huge names in it such as The Undertaker, Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, and Goldberg. While one may think that no more star power is needed, there are still eight open slots for other main roster talent, NXT superstars, or surprise returns. So, it’s not like there isn’t a spot there for Mysterio if he’d like to take one.

As for Lucha Underground, it isn’t necessarily surprising that his contract with the company has been allowed to expire. 411 Mania is reporting that Lucha Underground is likely leaving the El Rey Network and could be picked up by Netflix, but this is not yet confirmed. As of now, there has been nothing publicly discussed, but the two companies appear to have been having a number of meetings over the last couple of weeks.

wwe rumors rey mysterio return royal rumble twitter
[Image by WWE]

No one but Konnan has said anything official about Rey Mysterio being a free agent, but it would make a lot of sense. Ringside News pointed out that last year it was revealed that Rey’s contract with LU did expire sometime in early 2017.

Well, it looks as if it has happened and that WWE isn’t necessarily forcing him to keep things about his return a secret. Then again, this could all mean nothing and it could just be Mysterio teasing the fans and saying he likes to watch the Royal Rumble.

With eight spots still open in the 2017 Royal Rumble match, anyone could honestly show up and surprise the crowd in the Alamodome. Rey Mysterio has had his share of issues since leaving WWE as he wasn’t being paid by AAA Wrestling and the future of Lucha Underground isn’t really known. Sure, he could continue to wrestle in Mexico or around the world, but his teases on Twitter are certainly making the fans think he is on his way back.

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