Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J faces possible prison time over $1.3 million child support case

Is Stevie J Going To Jail? $1.3 Million Child Support Case May Send ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Away

Stevie J is headed to jail if U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has anything to say about it. Federal prosecutors are recommending that the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star do time in prison for the $1.3 million in back child support he is accused of owing just two of his children.

It looks like Stevie J is running out of second chances and he really messed up with the ones he’s already been granted. Now, prosecutors involved in his insane child support case are calling on the judge to just jail the producer-turned-reality TV star. They feel as if Stevie has been disrespecting the judicial system according to TMZ.

Stevie J could spend up to six months in jail if Bharara has anything to do with it. Part of the problem is that Stevie has not been taking a few rulings seriously and continues to fail drug tests despite having already been to rehab. Stevie also hasn’t been making the court-ordered payments to start paying back all that child support.

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Stevie J is being sued by his ex Carol Bennett who is using the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act to fuel her case according to All Hip Hop. Under that law, Stevie could be stopped from traveling out of state because of the amount he owes. The act makes it illegal for anyone who has been behind on child support by more than $10,000 and for more than two years to leave the state.

$1.3 million is a huge amount of money to owe in back child support. While Stevie J has been working, filming the last season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as well as his latest spinoff Leave It To Stevie and another upcoming VH1 project that is currently titled Penthouse Pets, he certainly isn’t making money on the same level as when he was producing music for Bad Boy Records.

It has not been reported how much Stevie J’s court-ordered child support payments are and whether he has paid any of that money back at all. There are just reports that Stevie is not keeping up and he’s not keeping clean. The LHHATL star has been accused of failing a few drug tests and skipping a few too.

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Stevie was originally arrested back in 2014 on accusations that he owed more than $1 million in back child support. As you can see, the amount has increased in the years that have passed as the amount continues to add up. Stevie reportedly stopped making payments to Carol Bennett back in 2001 even though he was court ordered to pay her $8,500 per month.

Stevie J hasn’t responded to the most recent suggestion that he serve jail time for his failure to follow conditions set by the judge and for continuing to not pay his child support. While it has been assumed that Stevie might bring up his courtroom experience on his new show Leave It To Stevie, so far his current struggles haven’t been brought up. It was only touched on slightly during Season 5 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta when Stevie talked about going to rehab but the ordeal has never been given any in-depth airtime on reality TV.

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Stevie J doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson about child support and disgruntled girlfriends. Or maybe he has. During the time that his ex-girlfriend Joseline Hernandez was pregnant with his newest daughter Bonnie Bella, Stevie J battled with her about paternity, child support, and custody concerns.

Now that Bonnie Bella is here, Stevie has talked about co-parenting and getting along with Joseline and has even dropped hints all over the place that he’s open to getting back together with the Puerto Rican princess. Those who have followed along with Stevie’s child support saga as well as the toxic relationship that he had with Joseline Hernandez can’t help but wonder if avoiding another child support case like the one he’s currently battling might be Stevie’s motivation to get along and possibly even get back together with Joseline.

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