Jane Elliot could be going

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Rumors Are Jane Elliot Is Leaving, How Will Tracy Quartermaine’s Story End?

General Hospital rumors are flying, and the new one is that Jane Elliot might be leaving the show. Jane plays the role of Tracy Quartermaine, and the fans would hate to see her go, but if it happens, they want General Hospital to give her the exit that she deserves. Celeb Dirty Laundry shared about the rumors that Jane might be leaving and how they could end up giving the viewers closer for her character.

A little less than a year ago, Jane spoke out in an interview and revealed that she was about ready to leave General Hospital. She did not have plans at the time to renew her 2017 contract. She said, “I’m ready to hang up my pantyhose. As far as acting goes, I’m full. I am satiated.” She has done a great job on the show, but it might just be time for Jane to be done with General Hospital. That doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to somehow convince her to come back from time to time like other favorites who have left the show have done over the years.

So the rumors now are that Jane Elliot will be getting a great send off and that the show will create an arc just for her and Tracy’s exit from General Hospital. She has been on the show for about 40 years, so the idea of her leaving is kind of shocking. It sounds like the story they could go with for Tracy is the one where she save General Hospital. It is really important to her, and this would be a perfect way for her to leave the show. You know that she will be working with Hayden Barnes on this as well.

There are a lot of ways that they could decide to get rid of Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital. They could decide to kill her off, or she could move away. Fans would love to see Tracy move away so that she could come back from time to time. There is no word yet on how they plan to do this when the time comes. A lot of people were not happy about the exit that Anthony Geary got from General Hospital, and they are hopeful that Jane will get a better send off than he did when the time comes. There is no exact timeline yet of when she will be leaving, but expect it to happen sooner rather than later.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shared a while back that there were rumors that Tracy Quartermaine could be Nelle’s biological mother, but now it is starting to not look that way at all. Nelle has this box of secrets that could reveal who is really her mom and why she is in Port Charles. It seems like she is upset with Carly, so rumors are also that Carly could be the one that General Hospital will reveal is her mother. Tracy has shared that she feels like she was a bad parent now and then and having another child would give her another chance to improve. Tracy and Dillon have been really getting along better lately, though. General Hospital fans can’t wait to see who they reveal is Nelle’s mother and how that storyline ends.

Do you feel like it is time for Jane Elliot to leave General Hospital? How do you think that Tracy Quartermaine should leave the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital on weekdays on ABC.

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