greg summers chiropractor intravaginal massage

Washington Chiropractor Accused Of Giving Intravaginal Massages

Federal Way, WA – Chiropractor Greg Summers license was suspended after allegations of giving intravaginal massages surfaced. The Washington chiropractor stands accused of sexually violating three female patients.

The doctor alleged told two of the patients that intravaginal massages would benefit them because of the “invasion of their personal body space” that happened when the chiropractor inserted his fingers into their genitals, according to the Huffington Post. Summers is also accused of changing the medical records of at least one patient, The Federal Way Mirror notes.

The doctor reportedly told one of the female patients that an intravaginal massage would alleviate pain and prevent scar tissue from forming. One of the chiropractor’s alleged victims was also a staffer at the clinic. The woman claims that she was mandated to give Greg Summers massages during training sessions.

The Washington doctor also allegedly discussed his marital status and noted that he would “offer his body” as a teaching tool on “how to get men hard.” Summers’ attorney Robert Zielke had this to say about the case during an interview with the News Tribune:

“Anyone can file a complaint against a doctor even when the complaint is not accurate or actionable. Here, the charges were issued without the Department of Health having heard Dr. Summer’s testimony and without his opportunity to present contradictory evidence. We believe that the charges will be dismissed as groundless.”

The Federal Way chiropractor has 20 days to respond to the charges levied against him. His attorney noted that the chiropractor intends to address the mater within the mandated time frame. The first vaginal massage incident allegedly took place in 2010. One patient reportedly accused Summers of touching her breasts during an appointment.