Katie Rich, You're Hired, Says Community Creator Dan Harmon

Katie Rich, Suspended ‘SNL’ Writer Who Bullied Barron Trump, Gets New Job Offer

Katie Rich, the Saturday Night Live writer who last week violated a longstanding tradition of keeping children out of political attacks, was indefinitely suspended earlier in the week for her now infamous Barron Trump “homeschool shooter” tweet.

The backlash against Katie has been intense with millions of Trump supporters, and even some on the political left, calling for her termination.

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton rebuked the tweet, stating that the 10-year-old Barron Trump should “be allowed to be a kid.”

The President called SNL a “failing” show and the “worst of NBC,” its broadcast network, adding that anyone who goes after his son should “pick on someone their own size” in a recent interview with Trump ally Sean Hannity.

It took a day or two but Katie Rich herself has apologized for the tweet, claiming that there was “no excuse” and that she “deeply regretted” it.

While some of her own followers on Twitter have called into question whether the apology is sincere, with one stating, “I hate that they made you do this,” Rich has kept a low and somber profile in the week since, going so far as to privatize and then delete her account before reauthorizing it a few days ago.

The entire incident has been a lesson in just how quickly things can change for a person, who uses social media to present unpopular opinions.

But anyone fearing for the future of Katie Rich can breathe a little easier because Community series creator Dan Harmon isn’t ready to give up on her.

In fact, he has gone on record saying that if the worst happens for Katie and she loses her SNL writing position, there will be a job waiting for her on his new Adult Swim series Rick and Morty.

Harmon offered Rich the job via the very platform that brought about the potential destruction of her career — Twitter — claiming that he “would tolerate all jokes.”

“I do tolerate all jokes. And so do you. Because we have not lost our motherf***ing g*d d**n minds,” he said.

When Harmon was asked if he knew about the extreme nature and the target of the original Katie Rich joke, he said, “Sure, knock knock, who’s there, a yummy child, I don’t care. Now you want her fired AND you don’t want her to work somewhere else?”

Harmon also said that he was “confident that Katie Rich will have better offers but I’ll start bidding,” adding that he would even fly her to Los Angeles first class and “give her what my studio pays me.”

Since Dan antagonized Twitter with the job offer, he has come under heavy criticism, with some pointing out that his channel (Adult Swim) “pulled World Peace because people were offended,” adding that he was a “hypocrite.” Another said Harmon was a “sad old man fetching for attention.”

None of the attacks have caused the producer to backtrack. In fact, if anything, he has been emboldened, regularly responding to tweeters and even calling out Lorne Michaels, though not by name, claiming that Katie Rich could have learned her lesson with the Barron Trump tweet by having “a boss that also protected her.”

But what do you think, readers?

Has everyone been too hard on Katie Rich for that Barron Trump tweet, or is she getting what she deserves for violating a tradition designed to protect children? Sound off in the comments section below.

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