wwe news royal rumble baron corbin punch undertaker in face royal rumble

WWE News: WWE Newcomer And Golden Gloves Winner Threatens To ‘Punch The Undertaker In The Face’

When it comes to the world of professional wrestling, one of the names that always stands out is The Undertaker. For almost three decades, he has dominated the ring and brings about complete respect whenever he enters an arena. That is why it is even more shocking when a relative newcomer to the WWE main roster decided to threaten “The Deadman” and said he’ll punch him in the face during the Royal Rumble.

At WrestleMania 32, Baron Corbin made his main roster debut by coming up from NXT and entering the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Making matters even more shocking is that he won the match and has since had an impressive showing on SmackDown Live with feuds against Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and Kalisto.

Recently, he became the first SmackDown Live superstar to officially enter the Rumble match, and he has all intentions of winning it. That would mean having to possibly go through 29 other superstars, and one of those other entrants is indeed the legendary Undertaker.

wwe news royal rumble baron corbin punch undertaker in face royal rumble
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Go San Angelo spoke with the former NFL offensive lineman and three-time Golden Gloves champion about his time in WWE and the upcoming 30-superstar match. Baron Corbin states that it is now time for him to “conquer” and he feels that it will start this weekend.

On Saturday night, Corbin will be in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title against champion AJ Styles and Randy Orton. As reported by the WWE Live Events page, the card will take place at the Foster Communications Coliseum in San Angelo, Texas.

“The event in San Angelo is going to be great because all of the superstars are filled with adrenaline and excited about being part of the Royal Rumble. There’s going to be no holding back in San Angelo.”

As Corbin and other superstars prepare for the Royal Rumble, they are all hoping to be the last man standing and win the main event spot at WrestleMania 33. With a past that includes the NFL and time in the boxing ring, Corbin has a lot of courage and is ready to face off with anyone.

Well, while he has only been on the main roster about 10 months, he is setting his sights very high.

wwe news royal rumble baron corbin punch undertaker in face royal rumble
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Go San Angelo spoke with Corbin about some of the ultimate goals he has with the company, and he has decided to go straight for the best. He wasted no time in pinpointing a legend and throwing a vicious threat his way.

“I’d like the chance to stand in the ring and punch the Undertaker in the face.”

That is one very lofty and brazen goal for anyone to have. Even some of the other legends and longtime veterans of the wrestling world aren’t brave enough to throw out threats like that. The Undertaker is an icon in his own right and he has rightfully earned the respect of any superstar to ever set foot in a ring.

Even if Corbin does respect The Undertaker, he is letting everyone know that he won’t back down from a challenge. It is possible that the two superstars from SmackDown could end up facing off on Sunday at the Rumble, and if they do, The Undertaker may decide to see if Corbin will execute his threat.

Baron Corbin had a very impressive debut in WWE, but he hasn’t even been on the main roster for a full year. Threatening to punch The Undertaker in the face takes some courage, but if the opportunity presents itself, Corbin must also be willing to back up his words. Anything could possibly happen in the Royal Rumble match and that includes these two SmackDown Live stars facing off, but what will really happen if they do?

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