‘Stage Fright’: In Lifetime Movie, An Obsessed Fan Stalks Opera Singer On LMN, Based On A True Story?

Stage Fright, also known as Her Final Bow, is an exciting new movie thriller that will debut on Lifetime Movie Network tonight. The LMN movie is about a former opera singer who comes out of retirement after a tragic assault to make a comeback. But a series of new threats puts her life back in danger. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Stage Fright (Her Final Bow) is directed by Johnnard Harper and was written by Denisha Hardeman. Producers are listed as Kyle Lee, Denisha Hardeman, and Johnnard Harper. It stars Jordan Ladd, Brody Hutzler, and Alan Pietruszewski, Marvista Entertainment states.

Stage Fright Movie Synopsis Coming To Lifetime’s LMN

Sarah is a talented opera singer. Her highly trained voice has made her a celebrity, and her dedicated fans have always clamored to get a signed autograph from her. But Sarah’s career came to a screeching halt after she was attacked by a madman with a knife. The songstress survived the attack but was left horrified by the frightening events.

Police detectives found out that she had a stalker who had been obsessed with her for years. Now, the sound of music seems to be permanently snuffed out by her tremendous fear.

Like living inside of a horror movie, Sarah can’t get the day of the attack out of her head. She wakes up in a cold sweat most nights, and she looks over her shoulder at every turn. Even worse, she is frightened by every little sound and even the sight of her own shadow.

Something has to be done. Sarah knows she can’t live in this fear forever. Determined not to let the attack ruin her life even further, Sarah fights back by trying to conquer and face her fear.

The former opera singer gets to do just that after a man approaches her with a chance to headline the grand opening of the Riviera Theater. Excited by the thought of performing again, Sarah’s fears all come flooding back to her when her daughter disappears. She thinks she knows who took her. Could it be the same stalker from her past?

This time Sarah wants to trap the crazed stalker. With the help of the police, they are hopeful that the obsessed man has bought a ticket to Sarah’s upcoming performance. And of course, he has. It’s a show that he wouldn’t miss for anything in the world.

Stage Fright sounds just like the kind of movie that will keep LMN viewers glued to their seats. The movie isn’t advertised as a true-story. However, one case was strikingly similar in one way.

Take the case of Leandra Ramm, an opera singer who was stalked for almost a decade by the same man. Authorities say that Colin Mak cyberstalked Leandra by bombarding her with messages and harassing her through the internet, according to CBS-SFBay.

“The 30-year-old wife and mother saved more than a dozen phone messages from Mak. Messages filled with such chilling declarations as, ‘If you betray me, I am sorry but I will have to kill you.’ Messages that Ramm asserts were just the tip of the iceberg. ‘He would send pictures of guns. Opera producers, conductors, directors, all my co-workers and cast mates would all get these crazy emails saying that if I am not fired from the production, then he was going to show up with a gun and kill me that night.'”

To get close to her, they say Mak posed as an opera director and sponsor who was looking for a singer. Colin Mak was eventually arrested and charged in the case. Ramm has written a book about her ordeal. It’s called Stalking A Diva.

Stage Fright airs on Lifetime Movie Network tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central. (There is a discrepancy in the times listed. It could possibly air on Sunday night at the same time.) Stay tuned. The Twin is another movie that is premiering this weekend.

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