Joy-Anna Duggar May Be Walking Down The Aisle Soon, Duggar Daughter Teases 'You Never Know'

Joy-Anna Duggar May Be Walking Down The Aisle Soon, Duggar Daughter Teases ‘You Never Know’

Joy-Anna Duggar is in a courtship with long-time friend, Austin Forsyth. The two have been seeing one another since roughly August, though it was only announced in November. She is the next big storyline for the TLC show, Counting On. Three of Duggar’s older sisters have now tied the knot and she is anxious to be walking down the aisle like the others before her. Joy-Anna and Austin have been friends for years and when their friendship developed into more, the two decided courtship was the next step.

Fans who are watching Joy-Anna Duggar on Counting On have looked on as she helps Jinger prepare to marry Jeremy Vuolo. The show aired the Vuolo wedding as the season finale back in November, but now, they are rehashing the planning process because of the footage they had stored prior to the wedding. According to Us Weekly, Joy-Anna Duggar teased that she may be walking down the aisle sooner rather than later. The wedding planner was meeting with Jinger and when she asked Joy-Anna about her intentions, they joked about her being next.

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There has been a lot of judgment about Joy-Anna Duggar and her decision to enter into a courtship at just 19-years-old. It seems young to a lot of viewers, but after watching all of her sisters, she seems to be ready to make decisions on her own. Duggar has spent a lot of time with Austin Forsyth and the two genuinely enjoy spending time together. There have only been a few photos shown of the two together, and they did attend Jinger’s wedding as an item.

Counting On is currently airing on Monday night’s on TLC, featuring all of the older Duggar daughters. Jessa Seewald is pregnant with her second child, due to give birth any day now. Jill Dillard is also pregnant with her second child as well, and the news is reportedly set to be revealed during one of the upcoming episodes. Rumors that Jinger is expecting her first child have been plaguing the Duggar family since she walked down the aisle, though nothing has been confirmed. Joy-Ann’s new relationship will be put on display, and will likely end in a proposal at some point.

The Duggars are all about shock value and marrying Joy-Anna off is the next step to keeping fans tuning in. They have done the wedding thing and the baby thing over and over again. After the 2015 scandals from Josh Duggar, they have had to work hard to come back from what was a very public shunning. Now that three of their five older daughters are married, Joy-Anna needs to step up and be the next one walking down the aisle. It is expected that an announcement will be made toward the end of the season, though it has not been confirmed.

It's hard to believe Joy Anna is 19 years old today. Joy you are such a wonderful, beautiful, sweet, virtuous young lady. You have a loving heart and you are an encouragement to everyone you meet! We love you! Happy birthday! -Mom & Dad

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After everything that has happened to the Duggar family over the last 18 months, they have remained steadfast in their faith. The way they choose to run their household has been criticized heavily. Four of their older children have been married off, and one is currently courting. Joy-Anna seems to be quite happy to be courting Austin Forsyth. There have been rumors that she was forced to court in order to keep people tuning in to the show. That doesn’t seem to be the case, especially because she voluntarily quipped that she may be next to walk down the aisle. Fans will be happy to support Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth as they journey through their lives, including an engagement and in the future, a wedding. No one is ready quite yet but when they are, an announcement will likely be made during Counting On on TLC.

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