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WWE News: Roman Reigns Not Expected To Win WWE Universal Championship At ‘Royal Rumble’ PPV

It is well known by now that many WWE fans do not seem to care for Roman Reigns, but that has not stopped WWE from shoving him down the throats of each and every fan, especially around WrestleMania time the last few years. It goes without saying that this could clearly upset your average WWE fan, and why shouldn’t it? When you have a wrestler that seems to not be connecting to fans yet the WWE does not care and still forces him into top programs, you’re going to get boos as a result.

Despite the Royal Rumble not being one of the best places for Roman Reigns over the years, WWE has decided to put him in a match with Kevin Owens with Owens’ WWE Universal Championship on the line. As a part of this match, Owens’ best friend, Chris Jericho, will be in a shark cage that WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley hopes will keep Jericho from interfering.

WWE creative had Roman Reigns drop his WWE United States Championship to Chris Jericho on WWE RAW a few weeks back, which actually made people almost certain that Roman would walk out the WWE Universal Champion at the Royal Rumble. Usually when WWE has a champion drop their title to someone else as they prep them for another title, you usually see the challenger go home with the gold. However, that may not be the case this time around.

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According to Ringside News, WWE did in fact have Roman Reigns winning the WWE Universal Championship at one point but the plans on him winning the title changed a bit. He is not set to win the title at the Royal Rumble, but do not fret if you happen to be a big Roman Reigns fan. It does appear that WWE will have him win the title sometime before WrestleMania 33 takes place.

The idea, as of now, is that he may very well take the title at WWE Fast Lane, which is the WWE RAW brand show before WrestleMania 33 takes place. WWE SmackDown Live will also have a brand event called WWE Elimination Chamber, which will happen in a few weeks. Due to the fact that it is undetermined who will win the Royal Rumble match as of now, that means Roman Reigns currently has no opponent ready to go for WrestleMania 33.

There are rumors that The Undertaker could end up being his opponent at the event, which would be interesting to see as Undertaker would most likely go on to win the match and therefore take the WWE Universal Title home. It would complete Undertaker’s World Title collection in WWE as he has previously been the World Heavyweight and WWE Champion, as well as WWE Undisputed Champion.

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Adding the WWE Universal Title to his collection makes sense and adds some prestige to the title at the same time. Another opponent rumored for Reigns at WrestleMania is Braun Strowman. Of course the two have been linked for a match here dating back to late last year. These plans may very well be where WWE goes as they want to make Roman look as good as possible at WrestleMania 33.

While he could do that against The Undertaker as well, it would not go over well if he beat The Deadman at the event. Beating Strowman would not be a shock and fans could get behind it enough if the storyline makes sense. More likely than not, however, Reigns will end up getting booed while Strowman gets massively cheered as they would want the Monster to take out Roman and grab the title from him along the way.

Regardless of what WWE plans with Roman Reigns on Sunday night in San Antonio, Texas, we can expect Reigns to be a champion again sooner rather than later. Whether it happens at the Royal Rumble or not does not matter, so WWE fans will have to be okay with Reigns becoming champion once again. As of now, he is not expected to main event WrestleMania this year. However, he will still be in one of the top matches, title match or not.

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