Donald Trump On Phone Seen Through the Oval Office Windows

Trump Grants Fish Bowl-Like Access To Media During His Calls To World Leaders [Opinion]

President Trump’s phone calls to world leaders, including Vladimir Putin, were visually witnessed by the media in a fish bowl-like reporting event. As Trump sat at his Oval Office desk, which was flanked with papers and other important looking stuff, he talked on the phone. Unless one of the many media members peering in through the windows could read Trump’s lips, they were out of luck for understanding the context of those calls. The only thing the members of the press could do is report on Trump’s demeanor and that glass of soda on ice that sat on the desk top near the 45th president of the nation.

It was almost comical to see Trump through the panes of glass, which was as close to a bird’s eye view that the media was granted. Trump keeps a rather orderly desk and as far as that glass of soda goes, it was dark in color. You can checkout the media’s peeping act through the windows in the Oval Office, which is seen in the tweet below.

One can only speculate that Trump’s soda was a cola, as it had a darker hue to it than other types of carbonated beverages. Of course there’s root beer or even cream soda that would offer the same color as well in a drinking vessel made of clear glass. There is no way of telling if the soda was diet or not, but it was there at the ready if Trump should feel parched during his calls that went out around the world on Saturday.

Fox News live on Saturday calls Trump’s day filled with a “flurry of phone calls to world leaders.” Trump was not in the Oval Office alone, but the only people privy to hear his side of the phone calls were his trusted top aids. This included Vice President Pence, press secretary Sean Spicer, national security adviser Michael Flynn, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon.

The Washington Post also commented on that glass of soda sitting within arms reach of President Trump through his phone calls. Trump made four other phone calls besides his call to Putin. They include world leaders from Japan, France, Australia and Germany.

KTLA News, speculates that Trump’s call to the German Chancellor was probably not the easiest out of the calls he made today. Trump has been very critical of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy that allowed the influx of Syrian refugees into Germany. Trump feels this action put the German citizens in danger. He was far from shy about expressing his fears of terrorists coming in with the Syrian refugees when criticizing Merkel in the past.

Mikhail Gorbachev took very serious notice of the phone calls Trump made on Saturday and is urging the leaders to orchestrate a resolution with the United Nations that will ban nuclear war. He also said “It all looks as if the world is preparing for war.”

While the media got a great ring-side seat to Trump’s phone calls, beside watching his mouth, hands and head move, they were left with no idea what went on in those phone calls. The business at hand was limited to the ears in the Oval Office. They don’t know for sure what Trump talked about with the world leaders, they can only surmise like the rest of the nation.

While Trump talked on the phone, shadows danced on the wall behind him and the scene of the President that was captured through the glass windows gave the plot an eerie look. The entire setup of watching Trump reach out to the world via the phone as he sat in a fish bowl-like surrounding was almost like a scene in a comedy show.

If this were a comedy movie scene, it would have to be the media as the butt of the joke. They are standing outside and gazing in through the windows at the nation’s leader conducting worldly business. With a few dubbed in lyrics made to sound as if the members of the press were talking among themselves, this could make for one funny skit. This is the stuff the late night talk shows would have a field day with. Done up right, this scene could conjure up some real belly laughs.

Time Magazine reports that Trump was “noncommittal” before his scheduled call with Putin on Saturday when asked if he was considering lifting the economic sanctions on Russia. He told reporters that “We’ll see what happens,” then added, “As far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that.”

This was Trump’s answer to the reporters as he stood side-by-side with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday. Her country, as part of the European Union, has not taken Russia’s actions regarding the Ukraine lightly. They have also punished Russia for those actions. May spoke for many in Europe when she said “We believe the sanctions should continue,” as she stood with Trump taking questions from reporters.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]