WWE Rumors: Former DX Members Climb The Power Ladder In WWE As Confusion Sets In For ‘SmackDown Live’ Creative Team

Over the last few years, Triple H has steadily earned more power and a higher stance in WWE, and it is only a matter of time until he presides over all. Until the day that Vince McMahon steps down entirely, though, he won’t be at the very top. While that time is coming, Triple H is building up things now, and some of his former D-Generation X stablemates are finding themselves in pretty good positioning on SmackDown Live and at the Performance Center.

It is no secret that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are going to have total control of WWE one day, but Vince McMahon stepping down still seems to be a good time off. While that day is coming, it hasn’t happened yet, but Triple H is already making his presence known throughout the company.

That presence has been most notable with the former D-Generation X (DX) members now working with WWE.

“Road Dogg” Jesse James (Brian James) has been working for WWE for a while now, and he has had different positions such as a trainer, agent, and writer. The Wrestling Observer, by way of Wrestling Inc., said that there have been rumors of Road Dogg replacing Ryan Ward as head writer of SmackDown Live, but that speculation isn’t true.

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Road Dogg has indeed received a corporate promotion and it is believed to be that of “head consultant,” but that isn’t 100 percent confirmed as of yet. Ward and Road Dogg are still working together on ideas and scripts for SmackDown Live, but they have different positions within the company.

As of this time, Road Dogg is higher in the company, but Ward is still seen as the head writer for SmackDown Live. When Triple H ends up taking over the company, it is expected that his former partner in DX is going be given a great deal more power.

Road Dogg is not the only former DX member who has a position of power in WWE along with Triple H. Rumors started circulating last year, from Kevin Nash, that Shawn Michaels was going to start working at the WWE Performance Center as head coach, but that speculation appeared to be a bit early.

Triple H came right out and said that Matt Bloom was still the head coach at the PC and that it was not Shawn Michaels. He did not say that the Heartbreak Kid wasn’t getting a position at all, though.

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Michaels recently spoke with Ring Rust Radio and confirmed that he is indeed working for the WWE Performance Center, but he wasn’t sure in what capacity just yet. It is believed that he is giving talent their “final polish” before they head up to the main roster, but Michaels says it is still up in the air.

“That’s something that right now…is in the early stages. I think, to your point, I think we will have a better idea as we get it more clearly defined about what it is. Finish and polish…that’s kind of a vague and broad description. What does that mean exactly? At certain times when it’s convenient, people talk in the broad sense and then,you wait until you can get down into the details to find out what it exactly is. If certain things could be taught, we would teach them and they would just do them. There are some things that can’t be taught. So I am waiting right now for it to get more clearly defined on what the role is.”

Back in 2014, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn returned to WWE television once again as the New Age Outlaws and worked a program with The Shield. There was even a D-Generation X reunion at WrestleMania 31, but nothing much more ever came of it.

Gunn worked as a coach for the sixth season of Tough Enough, but he ended up being released in late 2015 for failing a drug test.

Bringing in friends and family members to work with someone is not an overly new practice, and it isn’t surprising that Triple H would do that with WWE and NXT. Vince McMahon isn’t going to be around forever and his son-in-law is doing a pretty good job right now. It appears that the company is in good hands and would be with Shawn Michaels at the Performance Center and Road Dogg in charge of the creative team for SmackDown Live.

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