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WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio To Return To WWE In Royal Rumble Match?

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio left the WWE a few years ago, but he never stopped wrestling and very well could make a huge return this Sunday night to the WWE. Yes, Rey Mysterio has been out of the WWE after missing a great deal of time while under his previous contract. He wanted to spend more time with his family and his WWE schedule was just too much for his body to take as well.

Now that the WWE has really started to push the idea of part-time performers being able to work with the WWE, it seems like a possible WWE return under that type of contract would be easier for someone like Mysterio to take on. The problem for Rey is that he signed with Lucha Underground. He could work in Mexico and any independent company he chooses to go to. However, he could not sign with a major company due to the LU deal.

Some guys got around this by going to New Japan and getting paid a lot since there were no live events linked to the Lucha deals. The question is, could he get out of his contract to make a return to WWE? Well he may not have to do that. According to The Wrestling Observer Radio, Konnan mentioned on his podcast that Rey Mysterio’s Lucha Underground contract had come to an end and then dropped the hint that Mysterio could appear in the Royal Rumble match this Sunday.

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Interestingly, many assumed that WWE was calling up a lot of veterans to return for the WWE brand split. Many were, in fact, called and came in. There was an assumption then that WWE may have contacted Rey Mysterio to make his return at that time, but it was found out he never got the call to come back. This very well could have been because the company had no idea about his Lucha Underground contract.

It was reported that Rey Mysterio’s deal with Lucha would end sometime this year. With Konnan saying the contract expired, it does open Rey up for a return to WWE now that he can actually do it. Konnan has been known for being useful when it comes to the contracts of various Hispanic performers, and of course those within Lucha Underground, where he had a role.

The problem with Konnan is that he has often said things that were inaccurate either by mistake or by design. If it was by design, it was to push the reports off of one thing and on to another. Of course, no one truly knows what it is going on with Rey Mysterio and if it is confirmed that he will be part of the Royal Rumble tomorrow night in San Antonio, Texas.

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To be fair to the situation, WWE still has eight openings for the match as of now. This means that WWE could debut some WWE NXT talent such as Samoa Joe, Tye Dillinger, and Shinsuke Nakamura. They could of course bring others back like Shelton Benjamin, who was scheduled to return when the initial brand split took place, but sustained an injury that required surgery. He would be ready to go by now.

Taking in that we could see others within the WWE make surprise appearances, Rey Mysterio would not be a crazy name to see. On top of the fact that Mysterio is popular all over the world, they are also in San Antonio. The area has a high Hispanic population and seeing him return there and take part in the match would make a lot of sense knowing the audience.

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