Entrepreneur and loving brother

James Middleton: The Mysterious Life Of The Duchess’ Little Brother

There is always much to be read about Kate Middleton and her royal life with husband Prince William as well as their adorable little ones Prince George and Princesss Charlotte. The Duchess is almost always mentioned in any news about the royal family even if the main focus of a story is based on Prince Harry’s romance with Suits star Meghan Markle. Kate sometimes sneaks in as a topic of focus.

Likewise, Kate’s stunning younger sister Pippa Middleton often finds herself in the headlines for not only her relationship and strong bond with Kate, but due to her own endeavors and romantic life with soon-to-be hubby James Matthews. Obviously a hot topic surrounding Pippa is how the planning for the nuptials are panning out. Oftentimes Pippa will be the subject of rumors due to a supposed displeasure the royals have about Matthews’ younger brother, Spencer Matthews, who is a reality show star known for outlandish behavior.

Another younger sibling who has been known for his party boy ways is the younger brother to the Duchess and Pippa Middleton, relatively unspoken of James Middleton. The youngest sibling to the two beauties has remained far from the headlines in recent years while his sisters and even his own parents find themselves gracing magazine covers. So who is James Middleton, and what has he been involved with over the years that his eldest sister has been winning adoration of the masses, and Pippa has been wowing with her fit life and romance with Matthews? Running a marshmallow business, of course.

That’s right, James had been known for his party boy antics and behavior while attending university around the time Kate and Prince William became engaged. Middleton spoke about his hesitations when it came to a post-secondary education, and how it just wasn’t for him in an interview with British GQ. He then went on to explain how he found his course steered towards to food industry.

“I knew that that mouthful of academic prescription was not going to do it for me. My dream, which came to me when I was flying back up to Edinburgh after a weekend home, was to build a cake empire.”

James launched the Cake Kit Company in 2007, which allowed customers options for DIY cakes. The company has since dissolved, yet Middleton’s most recent venture is extremely successful. The entrepreneur began Boomf in 2014 and appeared on Good Morning America to share about the company, its direction and its success.

The Insider notes the details about the business, and the success that James Middleton has experienced since beginning it.

“It’s a service that allows you to print graphics and personal photos on marshmallows. He’s raised ‘£1.5 million of recent investment,’ which is around $1.9 million at today’s conversion rates.”

Despite his cake business dissolving, Middleton made a go of it until 2015 at which point the company dissolved, but if James has skills in the cake industry, perhaps he will have a hand in making sister Pippa’s cake for her big day that is set for May of 2017. The two have always been close, and they seem to share an interest in party planning much like their parents.

One thing is for sure, James Middleton adores his two sisters and demonstrated his care and concern for them as far back as to when Kate and Prince William first began their relationship. Although only in his early 20s at the time, James was a protective brother to his sister and shared how he would do his best to keep rumors about the future royal to a minimum.

“I used to be first up in the morning to make sure I could get to the papers and rip out any stories about my sister, so nobody would see them and there would be no conversations about them.”

That’s certainly sibling love. James has settled down since his party boy ways in love and career.

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