Trump Wrote Kate Deserving of nude photo scandal in 2012

That Time Trump Defended Paparazzi That Took Topless Pictures Of Kate Middleton [Opinion]

Kate Middleton has come a long way since her days as a uni student who was down to model in the campus fashion show that saw her grace the runway in a see-through dress and partying like the middle-class beauty she then was. As she and Prince William solidified their relationship and it became more and more likely that Kate would soon be royalty, the now-Duchess began to act much more elegant while in the public eye. It, however, took her a while to realize that even when she and her beau were thought to be in private, thanks to incessant paparazzi, this isn’t always the case.

It was back in 2012 when the Duchess was snapped on a private balcony by a member of the paparazzi without a bathing top on. The semi-nude photos were then printed in a French magazine and quickly gained worldwide attention.

Donald Trump has recently met with British Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington, as the president attempts to start off U.S and U.K. relations on the right foot and figure out the best course of action due to the aftermath of Brexit and the current status of NATO. It seems that the meeting was not as successful as intended, and has drawn attention to the fact that a meeting between Trump and the other overseers of Britain, the royal family, may be somewhat uncomfortable after yet another exposed tweet the president made regarding the Duchess of Cambridge’s balcony nudity.

“Based on the press conference they gave after their meeting, though, it unfortunately does not sound like the pair addressed this 2012 tweet, which was sent after a French magazine published a number of stalker-style photos of future U.K. queen Kate Middleton sunbathing topless on a private balcony: ‘ Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!'”

The current president has been constantly making headlines for his outrageous tweets and his lack of restraint when it comes to sending messages in the abyss of the social media platform for all to be reminded of his unbridled and unrestrained manner and the jabs he is infamous for taking. By stating what he did about Kate, Trump is basically saying that the royal was asking to be stalked and to have her privacy invaded.

It has been a very controversial start to Donald Trump’s presidency with many marches and protests happening around the world in opposition to his platform. Trump’s misogynistic words towards women much like the aforementioned tweet about Middleton certainly do not sway support in his favor by many of the fairer sex.

As for Kate Middleton, the royal is consistently the picture of poise and elegance, and additionally one of the most respected and adored figures in the world. The Duchess, although initially seen by many as all image with little substance, has managed to stamp out that “lazy Kate” title she earned in the early years of marriage to Prince William. Kate has been an avid supporter, advocate and ambassador of a number of charities revolving around the impoverished and those suffering from mental health issues.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have begun taking on more royal responsibilities from the aging Queen and have united with Prince Harry to initiate the Heads Together Campaign, which aims to eradicate the negative stigma surrounding mental health, as The Mirror reminds.

It was never doubted that Kate Middleton could transition into the role of a respected royal, despite a few G-rated scandals that haunted her. Can we say the same for Donald Trump in regard to transitioning into a respected leader of the United States? Only time will tell.

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