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Charlie Hunnam Criticized For ‘Sexist’ Method Acting, And More News On FX’s New ‘Mayans MC’

Charlie Hunnam has drawn criticism from the writers of The Mary Sue magazine for hurting his girlfriend by resorting to method acting. The writers have accused the Pacific Rim actor of mistreating his girlfriend by not writing to her during the filming for The Lost City of Z in Colombia.

The magazine’s attack came after Charlie Hunnam could not send mail to his girlfriend Morgana McNelis because the Colombian mail system was not working. According to Heat Street, the actor clarified his position by stating that it was the mailing system that was to blame for the lack of communication between himself and his girlfriend.

“We went to Colombia, and the mail system doesn’t really work very well. It’s completely unreliable. I received a letter from her, and I realized that from the tone of it and things she was saying that she hadn’t received the two letters that I sent before.”

After realizing that it would be difficult for him to write to his girlfriend, Hunnam decided to sever the communication between them all together, an acting method designed to help him to get into the skin of his character. Charlie Hunnam played the role of Colonel Percy Fawcett, a British explorer, who had embarked on a journey to search for a lost city in the South American jungles. The popular actor believed that remaining separated from his girlfriend during the five months of filming would enable him to properly channel the pain experienced by Colonel Fawcett, who eventually disappeared during his expedition.

However, The Mary Sue was not convinced by Charlie Hunnam’s explanation, and its writers classified the Sons of Anarchy actor amongst those male actors who tend to upset women in the name of method acting.

Earlier, Dustin Hoffman reportedly slapped Meryl Streep during the filming of Kramer vs. Kramer to stir her up so that she could deliver a stellar performance. According to Heat Street, the Mary Sue writers pointed out that Charlie Hunnam was not following a method acting technique, but was simply being sexist by causing his girlfriend to worry after not hearing from Hunnam for months.

“Can we all please agree that this is not acting? I refuse to believe that ignoring his girlfriend helped his performance in any way.”

Perhaps it could be argued that Charlie Hunnam in some way agreed with this opinion, as he brought home an expensive Colombian emerald for his girlfriend after filming had concluded.

Charlie Hunnam is best known for playing the role of Jax Teller on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, a crime drama that was based on an outlaw motorcycle club. Hunnam’s Jax Teller became the television’s most popular anti-hero who ultimately sacrificed his own life for the sake of his family and the other members of the motorcycle club.

A spinoff of Sons of Anarchy has been hotly anticipated for some time, with rumors and speculation abounding before the official news was announced. As such, fans of the popular television series were overjoyed when FX announced its upcoming series Mayans MC, to be based on Sons of Anarchy and whose pilot will be filmed very soon.

As exciting as the announcement of the spinoff series was for fans of the show, there appears to be very little chance that Charlie Hunnam himself will appear in the new series. Firstly, Mayans MC is based on another outlaw motorcycle club which has been a friend as well as a rival of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club, but most importantly, the new series will pick up immediately following the events that took place right at the end of the final Sons of Anarchy season: the last episode of which showed the death of Jax Teller.

As much as Charlie Hunnam and his fans may wish for Jax Teller to make a comeback in the new spinoff series, the possibility seems very unlikely. According to Just Jared, Charlie Hunnam spoke about how much he would like to make an appearance in Mayans MC, even though it may not be possible.

“Listen, if they call me… if they want me to do a little dream sequence… I’ll do anything for Jax, I love that guy, but I think I’m dead.”

Even though Charlie Hunnam has a huge fan base, he does not like to promote himself on social media by writing posts that could entice his fans to become his followers. According to the Daily Mail, Charlie Hunnam revealed that he does not wish to pretend to be someone else by being active on social media.

“You start to talk about serious stuff and sound like a pretentious d*ckhead but I really just want the relationship I have with the world just to be my work.”

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