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Gigi Hadid: How She’s Coping With Selena Gomez, The Weeknd Romance — Bella Still Hurt?

Gigi Hadid will get her revenge on Selena Gomez if it’s found out that the singer was, in fact, seeing The Weeknd while he was still with Bella.

Recent reports have claimed that Selena’s romance with The Weeknd didn’t go official until this month, but the twosome has been in a committed relationship since November — the same month Bella and her ex-boyfriend supposedly called it quits.

It was then revealed, however, that Selena and The Weeknd had allegedly been seeing one another for well over a year, sharing an ongoing fling together behind Bella’s back, evidently meaning that Hadid was being cheated on for an entire year.

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While those reports have not been confirmed, the idea of having her sister being played for a fool by someone she truly cared for has aggravated Gigi beyond belief. The famous model was very good friends with Gomez, who she was first introduced to by Taylor Swift.

The twosome was so close that they reportedly even enjoyed sleepovers at each other’s homes, which makes it even harder for Gigi Hadid to comprehend the supposed fact that Selena would maliciously try and hurt her sister for no apparent reason.

Gigi was already flabbergasted when she learned about Gomez’s relationship with The Weeknd because Selena didn’t even feel the need to let her friends know she was going to go public with the romance, let alone have the courtesy to inform Bella about it.

The 24-year-old has handled her new relationship with her R&B singer boyfriend very inappropriately toward her friends. Gigi and Bella have already made it known that they have no interest in staying in touch with Gomez, with Hollywood Life adding that things could potentially worsen between the trio.

If rumors regarding Selena’s one-year affair with The Weeknd are true, Gigi Hadid will not sit back and take the news lightly, with one source adding that Gomez would find herself in a position she most certainly wouldn’t have liked to find herself in.

She has already annoyed Bella and Gigi in the way she has handled the announcement of her relationship with The Weeknd, so if it comes out that Bella was being cheated on, Gigi will allegedly give Gomez a taste of her own medicine.

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“If it turns out that something shady did happen and Abel and Selena hooked up behind Bella’s back that’ll be a different story. There will be hell to pay from Gigi for both of them,” the source explained.

Gigi Hadid’s annoyance regarding Selena Gomez and The Weeknd comes just days after reports revealed how the couple shared a cozy date night with some of her closest pals at Dave and Buster’s on January 25, Us Weekly reports.

“It was kind of last minute. The Weeknd bought out the place for a few hours, 11 pm until closing. Jaden Smith was also there and in total about 100 guests. There was a DJ and a photo booth. Selena and The Weeknd were with each other pretty much the whole night.”

Their relationship has gotten more public in recent weeks, and as a source previously revealed, Selena doesn’t feel like she owes anything to anybody. She never considered herself to be Bella’s friend, and if Gigi no longer wants to remain pals over the fact that she’s supposedly found her true love, the “Hands To Myself” singer has no problem accepting that decision and moving forward with her life.

Do you think Gigi Hadid is right for making somewhat of a threat toward Selena, insisting that if rumors are true that the pop star shared a one-year fling with The Weeknd, there will be trouble?

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