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Kourtney Kardashian: Scott Disick Bails On Family, ‘KUWTK’ Star Cancels Reconciliation Plans

Kourtney Kardashian is not reconciling with Scott Disick, having once again been left by herself when it comes to their three children, it has been alleged.

Kardashian is said to be sick and tired of Scott’s decision to constantly walk in and out of her life whenever he feels like it. To make matters worse, sources say that Disick’s absence is beginning to affect their kids and Kourtney Kardashian isn’t happy about it at all.

In December, E! Online claimed that the couple had been trying to get back together, coming to the agreement that since they are both still single and still have a lot of love for one another, giving their romance another shot didn’t seem to be such a bad idea.

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In Kourtney’s mind, reconciling with Scott also meant that the socialite would be more involved in family activities and spend more quality time with his children, but from what Hollywood Life has gathered, that hasn’t exactly been the case.

Kardashian has reportedly become so agitated by her ex-boyfriend’s behavior that she won’t even reconsider her decision to let Scott do his own thing and canceled the initial plans she made to one day get back with the man she’s spent over a decade with.

A source for the outlet claims that Kourtney Kardashian is very much focused on her family, always putting them before anything else. Even when it comes to her working schedule, if the kids need her, she has to bail and make sure that the children are fine before she can concentrate on matters concerning the Kardashian empire.

With Scott dipping in and out of Kourtney’s life, the reality star has realized that a future with Scott is impossible. “Kourt has been making sacrifices and refraining from business opportunities which would take her away from the children,” an insider gushed.

“She has also been going to counseling by herself regularly, something she wished Scott would do too. Meanwhile, Scott is present for a week or month, on good behavior, only to routinely disappear the next.”

Kourtney Kardashian wishes nothing more than to finally have a partner by her side who wants all the same things that she wants.

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A quiet life with the kids while maintaining a successful career can’t be too much to ask for, the TV personality has allegedly stressed to her family and friends. But Scott, on the other hand, continues to make her life miserable.

Kourtney has forgiven him for reportedly cheating on her back in 2015, and while she has even been open to the idea of getting back with him, Disick always knows how to ruin something that is pushing him in the right direction, the source added.

At this given point, Kardashian is tired of the drama concerning Scott.

She knows it’s never going to work out between the two, so she’s swiftly moving on with her life and will continue to co-parent her three children with Disick, so long as the self-proclaimed Lord Disick actually makes the effort in being more of a father figure to Penelope, Reign, and Mason.

“Kourtney Kardashian is doing everything she can to provide a healthy family environment to her children, despite Scott’s periodic poor behavior. While Kourtney has remained committed to co-parenting their kids, she simply can’t say the same for her children’s constantly absent father.”

Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship drama with Scott Disick is said to be featured on the forthcoming series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, airing in March.

Are you siding with Kourtney on this one, or do you think Scott should make his own decisions in life without the interference from his on-again, off-again girlfriend?

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