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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Speculation: Fans Think Jo Could Be Pregnant With Alex’s Baby, Reasons Why

The Grey’s Anatomy fans have been playing close attention and have a new theory about Alex and Jo. This couple is not together on Grey’s Anatomy right now, and it looks like Alex could end up behind bars after he was seen going to meet with the DA and take a deal. Now Us Weekly is sharing how Grey’s Anatomy fans think that Jo could actually be pregnant with Alex’s baby. That would make for a great twist on the show.

A few fans saw clues that Jo might be pregnant on the Thursday, January 26, episode of Grey’s Anatomy. This episode did focus on Jo a lot as she went into a prison with Arizona and Bailey to work on a pregnant woman there who ended up having her baby. It was very obvious that Jo felt bad for this girl and was by her side to help her out.

At the very end of Grey’s Anatomy last night, Jo found out about Alex wanting to take the plea deal and go to prison. They had to pull the car over so she could throw up. Fans thought this could mean that she was having sickness from being pregnant, but it could have also meant that she was just so upset by the news it made her throw up. One thing fans are talking about too is a line where she said, “If my mother was abandoning me, I would want to know it was happening.” Some fans think this could be comparing Alex going to jail to what was going on with the girl on the show. She also might have had a bit of a baby bump going on, but there is a reason for that to happen.

The thing is, Camilla Luddington did announce that she is pregnant in real life. The fact that the woman who plays Jo on Grey’s Anatomy is having a baby would make it really easy for them to add this into the story line. It would also really mix things up by throwing a baby into the mix. Alex and Jo love each other, but things are just really messed up for them right now. They might decide that they have to be together and Alex might also decide he doesn’t want to go to prison. Fans have been waiting a really long time to see what will happen with Alex and were really disappointed that none of it came out this last week on the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

TV Line also shared a bit about how Grey’s Anatomy could decide to have Jo be pregnant on the show. Camilla did share at the time that so far Grey’s was hiding her baby bump. Of course, the bigger she gets, the harder this will be for them to do. She did share that they could change their mind, though. Camilla said, “We have a lot more episodes to go this season. and these things can get sprung on us at a table read, so I really can’t say for sure if it will stay that way.” She also shared that Alex’s fate will be revealed on the February 2 episode.

Do you think that Grey’s Anatomy would have Jo be pregnant with Alex’s baby? If so, do you think this would change things for him about being okay with going to jail? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights on ABC.

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