Mischa Barton's hospitalization might have been caused by fight with estranged mother and drug issues.

Mischa Barton’s Mental Meltdown Caused By Estranged Mom, Financial Woes, And Drug Addiction, Sources Claim

Mischa Barton’s has suffered a mental meltdown on Thursday, causing her to be hospitalized for mental evaluation in a hospital in West Hollywood.

Barton was reportedly seen in her own backyard hanging over a fence and ranting about her estranged mother, Ziggy Stardust (her dog), and the end of the world.

The fact that the actress called her mother a witch while having a breakdown led to speculation that she had had a recent confrontation with her. Radar Online, however, reports that Mischa Barton’s mom, Nuala Quinn-Barton has claimed that she doesn’t know anything about the incident.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know anything,” she said.

The LAPD confirmed that they received a disturbance call at 7:15 a.m. about a woman “yelling and screaming” in her backyard in West Hollywood.

Initial reports claim that the O.C. actress was wearing only a white dress and a tie while she yelled and screamed over her fence in her backyard on Thursday. Sgt Duncan, however, told Radar that Mischa was fully clothed and sitting on a couch when they arrived at the scene. The actress was making incoherent statements, he said, but was voluntarily transported by Los Angeles County fire to a nearby hospital.

“Upon arrival, deputies located the female victim who was fully clothed sitting on a couch,” Sergeant Duncan of the L.A. County Sheriff Department’s West Hollywood station says. “The female was making incoherent statements. Soon after deputies arrived, the female voluntarily was transported by Los Angeles County Fire to a nearby hospital.”

Interestingly, an insider for Hollywood Life claimed that Mischa Barton’s mental breakdown was caused by a nasty fight she had with her mother on January 24, just before her birthday. The source added that the actress “had been doing really well recently” before it happened.

The insider said that Barton’s move from a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion to a rather “modest apartment,” coupled with an argument with her mom about finances, was too much for her to handle.

Actress Mischa Barton (C) attends the Globe Fashion Week X China Moment fashion show during New York Fashion Week. [Image by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images]

“She was living with a friend in West Hollywood [California]. This was a big adjustment,” the insider said. “It was very different to her previous home, which was really luxurious. Nuala successfully managed Mischa’s career for a number of years. However, they got into a dispute over her finances and the Beverly Hills mansion they jointly owned. Things got so bad Mischa was locked out of the property and had to lodge legal papers against her mother after she blocked the proposed sale.”

Mischa Barton’s feud with her mother over the property caused her to be estranged from the rest of her family as well.

“Hopefully, she will be able to get healthy quickly,” the source added. “It would be great if she could reconcile with her family, but that does not seem possible at the moment.”

A source for Radar Online said that the actress has been on a downward spiral for years, and her attempts at becoming healthy have always failed.

“She took on Dancing With the Stars to make some money and try to clean up her act – but that didn’t help.”

The insider also added that Mischa Barton “was doing mushrooms” at a dinner party, and was seen two weeks later “smoking pot and doing coke.”

“She was openly using her hand to snort coke off of in this tiny space,” the source said.

“She has a horrible relationship with her mom — she’s pretty much alone in LA,” the source added. “She’s broke and hasn’t been able to get it together to start making money again. Every time she attempts any sort of come back she ends up shooting herself in the foot and not being able to follow through.”

Do you think Mischa Barton’s mother had something to do with her mental meltdown? Let’s hope this incident serves as a wake-up call the actress needs to get her life back on track. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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