Washington Father Logan Rose arrested for alleged assault of his 10-month-old.

Washington Father, Logan Rose, Accused Of Hospital Assault Of 10-Month-Old Daughter Already Suffering Brain Bleed

Logan Rose, a 19-year-old father from Spokane Valley, Washington, has been arrested after allegedly assaulting his 10-month-old baby daughter to the extent that she suffered a brain bleed. Then, after the little girl was brought to the hospital for medical attention, Spokane Valley Hospital staff say that they witnessed Logan Rose assault her once more, violently throwing her against a hospital gurney because she wouldn’t stop crying.

As KHQ 6 reports, the legal troubles of Washington father Logan Rose began early on Thursday morning. At approximately 1:30 a.m., a deputy from the Spokane Valley Sheriff’s Office responded to Valley Hospital after the department was called to investigate a case of possible child abuse. Hospital staff contacted law enforcement after examining a 10-month-old child with a fractured skull and brain bleed.

That baby was the daughter of Logan Rose.

As KREM 2 reports, the little girl’s mother had told investigators that she had left her 10-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son with their dad, Washington father Logan Rose, for a short time while she went to the store on Wednesday. When she returned home, the children’s mother says that she noticed a large bump on the baby’s head.

When she asked Logan Rose what had happened, he allegedly said that he didn’t know. Shortly thereafter, the baby’s mother (along with Logan Rose) took the little girl to the hospital to be examined.

Hospital staff members claim that while the family was receiving the results of the medical examination, which revealed a skull fracture and inter-cranial bleed, the 10-month-old baby began to “act hyper,” jumping around on the rails of her gurney.

It was then that Logan Rose was allegedly observed grabbing the little girl and “violently” throwing her down onto the gurney, shoving a pacifier into her mouth and telling her to “go to sleep.”

A physician’s assistant at Spokane Valley Hospital also alleged that the Washington father was irate and angry during his daughter’s hospital visit. She claims that after Logan Rose threw his already severely injured daughter “violently” onto the gurney, he picked her up to chase her 3-year-old brother. According to the PA, when Logan Rose reached the 3-year-old, he pinched the toddler and made him cry.

The hospital employee also claims that Logan Rose was loud and shouting during the encounter, complaining about how “horrible” the hospital was and that he had waited so long for his daughter’s test results.

He shouted angrily, the physician’s assistant said, about how horrible he believed Valley Hospital was, and asked why they didn’t get the results of the scan sooner. She said Rose picked up the girl again, chased the 3-year-old a little way so the monitor wires were getting tight on the baby’s arm. She said Rose then pinched the 3-year-old, and he began to cry.

A physician at the hospital reportedly told investigators that the injuries sustained by the 10-month-old daughter of Logan Rose would have required much more force than simply falling on her head.

After an initial investigation into the child abuse allegations, the responding Spokane Valley Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested Washington father Logan Rose for first-degree assault of a child. Upon his arrest, Rose reportedly told the police officer that he had been “angry” in the ER and allegedly admitted throwing his daughter “a little harder” than necessary into the gurney. Throughout his arrest, Logan Rose continued to deny that he was responsible for the head injuries that had landed the 10-month-old in the hospital in the first place.

On Friday, Logan Rose made his first court appearance, and he was forced to answer to upgraded charges. In addition to first-degree assault of a child, the Washington father has also been charged with a tampering with a witness charge.

Allegedly, after Logan Rose was booked into jail, he made a call to his girlfriend, also the mother of the 10-month-old and 3-year-old. Detectives reviewed that phone call, and in it, Rose allegedly denied being responsible for injuring his daughter, claiming that someone else would have had to have hurt her. Even though he was reportedly the one watching her at the time that her injuries were sustained.

“I want to know who did it. You need to get our daughter back.”

Then, Logan Rose allegedly crossed the line that separates a mere conversation with “witness tampering.” Detectives allege that the 19-year-old Washington father told his girlfriend that she “better” prove him innocent.

“So you better prove to them that I didn’t do s*** wrong.”

According to the Spokane County inmate roster, bail in the case of Logan Rose has been set at $500,000.

In addition to setting bail on Friday, the judge in the case issued a no-contact order; this means that even if Rose is able to bond out of custody, he is not allowed to see his daughter.

During Logan Rose’s Friday hearing, nearly a dozen of his family members were present; they collectively blamed the media for “ruining their family” by covering the case. They adding that the Spokane Valley Hospital staff member who claimed to witness the Washington father throw his baby daughter is “lying.”

Investigators have declined to charge the 10-month-old baby’s mother in connection with her head injuries. However, Child Protective Services is involved in the case and will be following up to ensure that both of the woman’s children remain safe.

The 10-month-old girl allegedly assaulted by Washington father Logan Rose is still hospitalized and is in serious condition in the ICU; doctors say she should fully recover from her head injuries.

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