Trump Didn't Photoshop His Hands To Look Bigger - But He Did Hold British Prime Minister Theresa May's Hand

Trump Didn’t Photoshop His Hands To Look Bigger — But He Did Hold Theresa May’s Hand [Photos]

President Donald Trump’s hands are getting lots of attention on Friday, January 27. First up, the above photo of first lady Melania Trump and former first lady Michelle Obama as they watched Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump walk to Marine One got a lot of attention on social media. According to Snopes, the rumors about President Trump allegedly using Photoshop to make his hand look bigger all began when a Twitter user compared two similar photos of the same scene, and Mr. Trump’s hand on Mr. Obama’s shoulder appeared larger from one perspective.

However, that Twitter user wasn’t comparing two of the exact same photos of Mr. Trump’s hand. As seen in the above original photo from Getty Images, that was one of the photos at the center of the controversy that prompted searches for “Trump hands Photoshopped” on Twitter.

Trump hands
[Image by John Angelillo-Pool/Getty Images]

Twitter user Dana Schwartz apologized for suggesting that Mr. Trump used Photoshop to make his hands larger in that photo, once other publications began to debunk the accusations. But Twitter still reports that phrases like “Trump hands Photoshop” and “Trump Photoshop” as part of their related searches with all the folks tweeting about Trump’s hands.

Photoshop wizards have been using the original photo to create their own humorous photos of their views of how they perceive the hands of the president.

Another photo above taken at the same location at the Capitol Building after President Trump was sworn in showed Mr. Trump’s left hand on Mr. Obama’s shoulder as Trump’s right hand held Mrs. Trump’s left hand. One week later, Trump’s hands would be making news again. That’s because President Trump held a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May and the duo were photographed briefly holding hands, as seen in the below photo.

[Image by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]

Mr. Trump walked with May at the colonnade at The White House on January 27, in Washington, D.C. The press conference took place with May and Trump during May’s two-day trip to the country. May is the first leader around the world to meet with Mr. Trump since he became president.

Meanwhile, the buzz about Trump’s hands continues to make waves on social media — even as folks use Photoshop to create their own concoctions of how they view President Trump’s hands. One photo of Trump attempting to take a top off of a pen has been altered to show everything from digital artists who’ve imagined Mr. Trump playing with dinosaurs, building a wall with his own hands, or using other objects.

There are even Twitter accounts dedicated solely to Mr. Trump’s hands. For a variety of reasons, people are fascinated with the president’s hands — perhaps one of those reasons being just how expressively he uses his hands when speaking.

A sampling of some of the comments being published to social media about Trump and his hands can be read below.

“It would seem that Trump grabbed Theresa, at least by the hands. Well, that says something…”

“Donald Trump and Theresa May hold hands. How low will the media go? He was helping her walk down a slope.”

“Trump is playing into the hands of those who want a ‘clash of civilizations’ and simultaneously waging an assault on US values.

“I wonder if Trump will hold hands with Putin when he gets to meet him?”

“Trump and May awkwardly holding hands has made my year…”

“For all the furore around Trump and May ‘holding hands’, if you watch the clip, he clearly holds her hand to help her down the steps.”

[Featured Image by John Angelillo-Pool/Getty Images]