Barron and Donald Trump Clap Hands and Smile

Barron Trump Character In Comedy Show: Despite Choppy Waters, Show Opens Saturday

After all the outrage over the treatment of Barron Trump by a Saturday Night Live writer, there’s a show about to open in Chicago with a comedian playing the star character of Barron Trump. The show is called Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime and it is all about the first son staying up into the wee hours of the morning with the comedy planned around what he is doing during this time.

Stand-up comedian Shannon Noll is playing Barron in this comedy that opens Saturday night in Chicago. The show will play at The Revival Theater in Hyde Park with Noll all set to go as the 10-year-old son of the new president. Noll is not only the star of the show, she is also the person who created it. She believes she bears an uncanny resemblance to Barron, so she decided to go with it. The comedian describes the show as something along the lines of Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Noll, who is also a comedy improviser, said the show starts off with Barron being read a story at bedtime and instead of calling it a night, he stays up with his “imaginary friends.” So who are Barron Trump’s friends in the show? Certainly not the friends you expect a boy of 10 to be acquainted with, but apparently that is where the comedy comes in.

Barron will play with these imaginary friends, which will include Vladimir Putin, who will be in the form of a “gossiping teenager.” Betsy Ross will also be one of the people Barron imagines he is playing with, along with a “young kid and her Auntie” fresh off the plane from India. Then there is Ben Carson as another imaginary friend the first son conjures up in this show, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Noll created the show, but she did so two months before Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich posted a disparaging tweet about Barron Trump online under the umbrella of comedy. Katie Rich’s post about Barron has caused major backlash across the nation, and because of this, Noll was asked if she had any second thoughts about a comedy show with the staring character being Barron Trump.

“No, I sort of doubled-down,” she said.

The Chicago Reader suggests that after the SNL writer’s debacle, “Chicago comedian Shannon Noll is testing similar waters with Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime.” The Reader reports that Noll sees her show as a “lighthearted” approach. The show is “an exploration of the current political moment through the eyes of a child enmeshed in it,” which is how Noll described the show to them.

She explains her thoughts about why the character needs to be Barron.

“I was originally going to create a fake Trump child, but I look so much like Barron. And going into this, I specifically created this character so that he bears no resemblance in personality to what we’ve seen of Barron Trump. I’m just playing him as a generic kid.” She did say she set out “to use Barron as a vehicle to comment on this administration.”

Why is the show already advertising 50 percent off ticket prices, which is seen on an advertisement on Twitter? Do they foresee a problem with getting people to buy into this and coming out to watch this show? Not only did the SNL writer infuriate the masses, the White House has issued a statement asking for people to leave Barron Trump alone. Does fashioning the main character of a comedy show after Barron Trump go against what the White House has requested of the American people?

Noll is adamant that Barron Trump will not be the butt of a joke. When she was asked about that tweet from the SNL writer, Noll said it will not “reflect her sensibility for the show.” She sees herself in this show as having her character of Barron Trump being a master of ceremonies.

According to The Revival’s website, the show will play for two consecutive Saturday nights on January 28 and February 4. The tickets are on sale for $5 and $10. While the price is reasonable for a live show, it is just that fashioning a character after Barron Trump might not sit well with everyone. The website for the show attempts to entice the public with promises of seeing the game “Pin the Email on the Clinton.”

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