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Seunghee Performing ‘Ugly’ By 2NE1 Goes Viral, Fans Debate Why K-Pop Idol Of OH!MYGIRL Broke Down During Performance [Video]

Ever since 2NE1 officially disbanded late in 2016, there has been an uptick in K-pop fan activity pertaining to the popular K-pop girl group created under YG Entertainment. This included official news pertaining to 2NE1 directly, such as their after-disbandment comeback so they could properly say “Goodbye” to K-pop fans, especially Blackjacks (official fan club of 2NE1) and YG Entertainment founder and CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, saying on record the reason for 2NE1 disbanding is for Bom’s health, a peculiar reason given the fact he did not re-sign her to YG Entertainment.

Along with official news pertaining to 2NE1, K-pop fans also sought out other unique content about 2NE1 such as video clips of Bom during her cast tenure on the first season of Roommates, the last live performance 2NE1 had at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2015), or K-variety show appearances. However, there is one video clip that is making its rounds on the internet and social media and that is Seunghee of Oh My Girl performing 2NE1’s song “Ugly.” The solo performance itself is beautiful and heartbreaking because Seunghee is seen breaking down during it. Ergo, K-pop fans, especially Blackjacks as well as Miracles (official fan club of Oh My Girl), are debating why Seunghee broke down.

Oh My Girl -- Seunghee Teaser for Listen to My Word
Last year, Seunghee performed a solo cover of 2NE1’s ‘Ugly.’ During the performance, she broke down in tears. [Image by WM Entertainment/LOEN Entertainment]

Seunghee’s solo performance of “Ugly” that is making its rounds online, especially on social media, was from last year during Oh My Girl’s summer concert in 2016, as reported by AllKpop. As shown in the fan-recorded video attached above for viewing, Seunghee starts off with a beautiful acoustic rendition of “Ugly.” Near the end of the performance is where she becomes emotional, breaking down just before the finale.

K-pop fans on the internet are debating on exactly why Seunghee broke down near the end like that, but the majority do believe it has a lot to do with the malicious comments she suffered from negative K-netizens. For those who are unfamiliar with this part about Seunghee, she is often targeted out of all the members of Oh My Girl for her looks. These K-netizens hurtfully insult Seunghee often calling her ugly since her debut. As a matter of fact, the phrase “Ugly Seunghee” has gained so much traction, it pops up as a suggestion on certain Korean search sites.

We do know that most of the malicious comments are not from K-pop fans in general and surely not from Miracles. It is believed Oh My Girl anti-fans and sasaengs are responsible for the hurtful words. Needless to say, but Miracles, as well as K-pop fans and fans of other K-pop acts who understand being part of a fandom does not equate to attacking others, are showing their love and support for Seunghee even though the performance itself is more than half a year old.

2NE1 -- Group Promo For Ugly
‘Ugly’ was the fourth featured track song off 2NE1’s second extended play (EP) or mini-album ‘2NE1’ (2011). It charted at number one and had over three million digital downloads. [Image by YG Entertainment]

“Ugly” was 2NE1’s 12th featured track song off their second extended play (EP) or mini-album, the self-titled one for 2011 (their first EP was also self-titled). It reached number one on the Korean Gaon Chart and and number three on the Korean Hot 100 Chart. Over three million digital downloads of the song were sold while 2NE1 (2011), the EP the song is featured on, sold over 115,000 hard copies in South Korea and over 15,000 copies in Japan. It is one of the songs often covered by other up-and-coming K-pop girl groups following after 2NE1.

Getting back to Seunghee, it is great to know that K-pop fans are finding solidarity in sticking up for her. As for the K-pop girl group she is a part of, Oh My Girl, there are no news on when they’ll make their comeback for 2017. Their last comeback was in August of last year with their fourth EP or mini-album, their third for 2016, titled Listen to My Word. It is possible the girl group is on hiatus due to JinE taking a temporary break due to symptoms of anorexia, but WM Entertainment did state Oh My Girl would continue onward as a seven-member girl group in her absence.

[Featured Image by WM Entertainment/LOEN Entertainment]