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‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Walks Out After Moms Dissed Minis, Coach Still Looking For ALDC’s Great Eight

Dance Moms Season 7 returns with an all-new episode this Tuesday, January 31, called “Breathless in Denver.” According to the official synopsis and latest spoilers, Abby Lee Miller could end up ruining ALDC’s winning streak by including the minis in a technically complicated group dance.

As seen in the promo for the next episode of Dance Moms Season 7, titled “Breathless in Denver,” Abby Lee Miller and the rest of the ALDC will be heading to Denver to compete for the Sheer Talent Competition. Spoilers revealed that Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, and Nia Frazier were all given contemporary solos this week. As for the group dance, the junior elites, minis Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman, and Maesi Caes will be performing a routine called “The Thinner the Air, the Harder to Breathe.”

With the group routine as technically complicated as it is, the moms were worried that including the minis and Maesi, would only make things harder for the junior elite. They also feared that this routine could end their winning streak.

“Everytime she tries to incorporate the other age groups, we end up with this hot mess. She’s on the verge of a break down,” Ashlee Allen told the moms.

“This is the road to nationals and she’s throwing a wrench in it,” Jill Vertes added.

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Rather than take the moms’ input into consideration, Abby Lee Miller yelled at the moms, with the intention of putting them in their place.

“You’re dance mommies. You don’t understand!” she told them.

The next scene showed the ALDC coach walking out, possibly leaving the girls with another complicated routine and no teacher.

“We’re screwed,” the moms said.

In the last episode of Dance Moms Season 7, titled “Battle of the Blondes,” Abby Lee Miller introduced another dancer to the team. Abby revealed that she brought Jane to join the group routine as Brynn Rumfallo’s opposite. The coach also told the cameras that she’s still not confident that she has found the ALDC’s great eight in Kalani Hilliker, Brynn Rumfallo, Nia Frazier, Kendall Vertes, Camryn Bridges, Maesi Caes, Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman just yet.

“We’ve won more times than we’ve lost, that’s a given but is really the great eight? Are they the best that I can find? I don’t think so.”

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Although ALDC’s lyrical group routine, “Blush and Bashful” ended up getting the perfect score and winning first Overall at the Dream National Dance Competition, Abby still decided to send Jane back home, to the surprise of the dance moms.

“I’m just trying out different kids. Jane didn’t bring anything new or different. I think you know it’s go big or go home. Jane’s a dancer that’s 13 years old, that’s beautiful, that I can call upon. If Kendall’s gone, Jane’s not too far away,” Abby explained to the moms.

Abby pointed out that Jane was probably not the reason why ALDC got the perfect score this week. She added that Jane was not able to catch her attention during the routine. The Dance Moms star, however, hinted that viewers may still get to see Jane in the future.

“I think in time Jane may end up on this team but might be further down the road,” she said.

Abby Lee Miller constantly bringing kids in and out of the ALDC is slowly getting on the moms’ nerves. With only a few weeks left until the nationals, they insisted that the kids should start prepping as early as now.

“Three weeks we’ll be going down to Nationals. I want us to be on our best position for Nationals and I think constantly switching it up and trying new people, trials are over!” Holly told Abby.

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Dance Moms Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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