WWE News: Charlotte Flair Says Her Dream Match Is Against Stephanie McMahon

WWE News: Charlotte Flair Says Her Dream Match Is Against Stephanie McMahon

Charlotte Flair has pretty much led the entire WWE women’s revolution for the past two years. After Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch got the call up from NXT, those three women have completely revitalized the division and saved it from Divas matches. In a recent interview with Crave Online, Charlotte said that she still has one dream match, and that is against Stephanie McMahon.

Interestingly, the fans have been vocal over the last year about a different dream match concerning Stephanie McMahon. Many fans want to see Ronda Rousey make her WWE debut and fight McMahon after the two faced off at WrestleMania in Dallas.

WWE News: Charlotte Flair Says Her Dream Match Is Against Stephanie McMahon
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There are also some who think that a Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair feud could work if the former UFC champion decides to give the WWE a try if she officially retires from MMA fighting. That would be a quick and easy way to get Ronda over and moved to the top of the division quickly.

However, sacrificing the hot women’s division to someone who might be a part-time star might not be the smartest plan, even though the WWE has done it many times with names like The Rock, Goldberg, and Batista in the past.

With that said, if Charlotte Flair loses her WWE women’s title to someone like Bayley and then Bayley moves into a feud with Sasha Banks for the title, it could open up the chance for Charlotte to feud with Ronda Rousey or even Stephanie McMahon.

However, as Charlotte Flair has mentioned, there is one problem with a match between her and Stephanie McMahon.

“My dream match would be ‘Queen vs. Queen’ Stephanie McMahon. But who’s going to be the good guy? It will be evil vs. evil.”

That is true, but that doesn’t make it impossible. If Charlotte Flair loses her title to Bayley, someone that Stephanie McMahon has said doesn’t even belong on the WWE main roster, she could look to make an example of Charlotte.

WWE News: Charlotte Flair Says Her Dream Match Is Against Stephanie McMahon
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Without ever turning face, Charlotte could use the fact that her dad is Ric Flair to start the feud with Stephanie McMahon, pointing out the rivalry that Vince McMahon had with Ric Flair in the past. Both women could show their evil sides and fight for who is really the Queen of the WWE.

The problem then comes with whether Stephanie McMahon would concede that to someone; even a Charlotte Flair. A more realistic option would see the two feud and neither win. Stephanie McMahon brings in Ronda Rousey, who then chooses to just lay out both women and start the possible dream feud between Charlotte and Rousey.


This is all fantasy booking, and none of it could happen. However, what is real is the fact that Charlotte Flair has no problem with taking the weight of the WWE women’s division and carrying it on her capable shoulders.

“In terms of the weight on my shoulders, if it wasn’t, I would be mad so it’s one of those things you just go with it and I’m so grateful and it has been an amazing year. My pressure is because I’ve been consecutive every PPV, how am I going to outdo that one? How am I going to make this story better? I love it though. This is my life right now.”

Charlotte Flair is currently feuding with Bayley, and the current WWE rumors are that Charlotte will defend her title in a four-way against Bayley, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania this year. It will be her second year in a row to carry the title into the show if she holds onto it that long.

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