'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 76 would feature a lot of humor.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 76: Goku And Krillin’s Hallucinations, Vegeta’s Pregnancy Stress And Bra’s Impending Arrival Will Be DBS Gold

Dragon Ball Super Episode 76 is due in a couple of days, and it might very well be one of DBS‘ most amusing episodes in weeks. With Goku and Krillin meeting old enemies in the middle of a mystical forest and with some familial matters keeping Vegeta busy, the Z fighters would most likely find themselves in a number of memorable scenarios in the upcoming episode.

Dragon Ball Super has so far been building up some of the characters who will be participating in the upcoming Universe Survival Tournament. The last two weeks, for example, built up Gohan’s character as the previously nerfed warrior was shown defeating a villain on his own. This time around, the warrior that the anime seems to be focusing on is Krillin as the once-proud fighter who also retired from the battlefield appears to be getting ready to don the franchise’s iconic gi once more.

Noted Dragon Ball Super translator Todd Blankenship has stated that the preview for Episode 76 suggests that Goku and Krillin would be facing a different type of challenge once they enter a mystical forest and close in on Master Roshi’s ‘Paradise Grass.” The last scenes of DBS Episode 75 already teased what would happen in Episode 76 as giant images of Cell, Frieza, Evil Buu and other daunting opponents stared down Goku and Krillin.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 76 would feature Goku and Krillin facing a fairly unique challenge.
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While Dragon Ball Super Episode 76 would simply be filler in preparation for the beginning of the epic Universe Survival Arc on February 5, and while Episode 75 ended on a seemingly serious note, this Sunday’s episode would most likely be filled with a lot of light and humorous moments. This is because the so-called “Paradise Grass” that Master Roshi asked Goku and Krillin to retrieve appears to be a very significant nod to a popular recreational hallucinogen.

Thus, despite being threatened by the appearance of some of the franchise’s most evil Dragon Ball Super villains, there is a good chance that Goku and Krillin are simply hallucinating. After all, the name “Paradise Grass” alone seems to be a pretty big clue as to what Master Roshi’s herb really does. It’s not just Goku and Krillin’s encounter in the mysterious forest that would give fans a good laugh, however, as numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit have also noted that something very significant appears to be happening in Vegeta’s household as well.

Previous leaks have stated that Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 would feature Bulma being pregnant with her second child. The build up to Vegeta and Bulma’s child has already started since DBS Episode 75, with many noticing that Vegeta has been stressed due to something very significant happening at home. This means that in Episode 76, there is a good chance that fans would see the proud Saiyan Prince getting extremely apprehensive about the premise of his wife giving birth and another child being born.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 76 would continue Goku and Krillin's training under Master Roshi.
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The arrival of Vegeta and Bulma’s second child, Bulla (or Bra, as she is more commonly called), is of particular importance to longtime fans of the Dragon Ball franchise. While the character has only appeared in the non-canonical Dragon Ball GT series, her appearance and her interactions with her father were particularly memorable. In the fairly short-lived DBGT series, Bra was depicted as a liberated, sassy teenager who is the spitting image of her mother. What is quite interesting, however, is just how awkward Vegeta is towards his daughter.

In one particularly humorous scene, Vegeta, the proud Prince of the Saiyans, was told bluntly by his daughter that the mustache he was growing was lame. Embarrassed, Vegeta immediately shaved it off, only to be further insulted when pretty much everyone did not notice anything different with him. Thus, with Dragon Ball Super gearing up for the female half-Saiyan’s birth, it seems like Toei Animation is giving fans exactly what they want. After all, a good number of fans have started to notice the absence of Vegeta and Bulma’s second child in Dragon Ball Super. As it turned out, the anime was simply biding its time.

The Universe Survival Arc is set to begin in two weeks. With Dragon Ball Super wrapping up its filler arcs, the anime appears to be preparing to enter its best and most expansive saga ever. Leaks about the Universal Tournament have already surfaced, with some of the Gods of Destruction from different universes and some of the official rules of the tournament being revealed. From what could be determined so far, it seems like Dragon Ball Super will only get better in the months to come.

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