Taylor Swift With Light Bleached Hair

Taylor Swift Ups Ante On ‘Sexy’ In New Video — Sheds Girl-Next-Door Look With Zayn Malik?

As soon as the new Taylor Swift video came out, the reviews began piling in. The word “sexy” seems to be the major theme in many of the descriptions offered up online when it comes to the moves that Swift makes in her new video with Zayn Malik. The “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” music video has gone viral since its release on Friday.

E! News ponders if this new Taylor Swift-Zayn Malik video might just be the sexist yet for the country girl-turned-pop singer. They are also wondering if Swift has “totally shaken off her ‘good girl’ country star image” as she goes through all the moves in her sexy mode of dress for the song featured on the Fifty Shades Darker movie’s soundtrack.

As you read over the comments on the many postings of this new video online, it’s easy to see that Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have two different sets of fans. Of course some enjoy both singers, but it isn’t hard to spot those who like Swift and not Zayn and vice versa. Some of the comments are either dissing Swift or dissing Zayn.

Another theme coming out of the many comments is how the two singers used this music video to do their own mini-version of Fifty Shades Darker. These comments are seen across the social media sites, just like this Facebook post below from Harpers Bazaar.

It seems Elle Magazine has the same thoughts as Harpers Bazaar when it comes to Swift and Malik acting out a version of Fifty Shades Darker, which is seen below on another Facebook post. There is a little online debate going on about whose part was better when it came to the singing of this song. Some thought that Malik’s voice did the song justice and Swift’s voice just didn’t fit in.

Other people thought the song was rather bland until Swift showed up after a prolonged start to the video with Zayn singing solo. Again, it is obvious to see that the singers have two different fan bases. In some cases it is the Swift fans vs. the Malik fans who seem polarized over what works and what doesn’t work in the video.

Oddly enough, what makes Taylor Swift so sexy in this video is that most of the sexy scenes, like Swift thrashing around in bed, leave a lot up to your imagination. The two are not engaging in any sexual acts or even touching each other, except for the couple of shots where they are seen standing back-to-back.

Actually, the video is set up so the two are mulling over their heartaches from two different locations altogether. So both Zayn and Taylor needed to create their sexy scenes all alone. You can decide for yourself if this video offers Taylor Swift’s sexiest look yet, as she’s done a few other videos in which she also uses the same type of sex appeal.

Time Magazine describes Taylor Swift’s new video in one sentence.

“In true Swift-ian fashion, it’s a stylized and narratively dramatic video to match the sultry tune.”

Fans of Taylor Swift have watched her as a budding country singer take a turn toward pop music and then really take flight. Through the many music videos she’s released you’ve actually got to see the young singer grow up, with the videos pretty much documenting her many changes through the years.

Taylor Swift has been seen on the screen of a music video looking very sexy before Fifty Shades Darker, but there is something about the way she pulled this performance together that is creating something for people to talk about. Her scenes in this video are mostly solo, so it wasn’t as if there was some chemistry between the two that worked at mesmerizing the viewing audience.

Many of the comments conveyed that it was Taylor Swift acting out some very sexy moves that pulled them in. While she didn’t show an overabundance of cleavage, that off-the-shoulder look that Taylor has going on with her top in the video invited them to use their own imagination. Overall the video was a hit, as the majority of the comments were full of praise for either Swift and Malik alone, or both together.

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