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Justin Bieber’s Hiatus Rumors: Why Is The Singer Planning To Retire For A Year?

Justin Bieber’s hiatus plans get his fans worried, as the popular singer teases a surprise. According to rumors, Bieber is planning to take a long break from music and from touring, once his current “Purpose” tour concludes. The news comes out shortly after Paris Jackson said she was “scared” for Justin Bieber’s health, claiming he was being overworked on his tour. And amidst all the drama, Bieber tells his fans there’s something special coming – ahead of his hiatus, perhaps?

Justin Bieber, the 22-year-old superstar singer, has been on the road with his “Purpose” tour (named after his latest album) since March, 2016. Traveling across the United States, then Europe, the tour will continue next month as Bieber performs in Mexico. In the summer, Bieber is set to perform in the United Kingdom, and the tour will reportedly come to an end in September, as Bieber takes the stage in Canada. Jumping across countries and continents, it’s no wonder Bieber might be in serious need of a break.

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Justin Bieber’s hiatus rumors were reported by The Daily Star, with a source claiming Bieber is planning a long break once his current touring duties are done.

“Justin’s been recording some new music in LA to sign off with and then he just plans to go travel for bit.”

“His “Purpose” tour has been grueling and Justin is looking forward to a bit of peace and getting back to nature.”

The source added that fans can look forward to new music from Justin Bieber this year, but after September (when the “Purpose” tour comes to an end), we should not expect to see much of the singer for a long time.

If indeed Justin Bieber takes a break from the spotlights, he will be following in the footsteps of singer Ed Sheeran, who also took a year-long break back in December 2015, after telling his Instagram fans that he was going to quit social media and travel the world.

While the Justin Bieber hiatus hasn’t been confirmed by the singer himself at this point, he did take to Twitter following the drama, and only teased that “something special” is in the works, sending his fans into endless speculation mode, with some wondering if this special something will be a send-off gift before Bieber’s long break.

The news of Justin Bieber’s plans come shortly after Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, did an interview with Rolling Stone, in which she voiced concerns about Bieber’s health, and whether he was being “overworked” on his tour by AEG Live, the company responsible for promoting the “Purpose” tour, who were also promoting Michael Jackson’s planned “This Is It” tour.

Paris Jackson said she was “scared” for Justin Bieber, after seeing him on his tour.

“He was tired, going through the motions. I looked at my ticket, saw AEG Live, and I thought back to how my dad was exhausted all the time but couldn’t sleep.”

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However, a source close to the singer was quick to respond, according to TMZ. A Day before the Justin Bieber hiatus rumors spread, the source said Bieber has “an amazing relationship” with AEG Live, and is currently in top condition.

“[Justin] is not at all scared or overworked,” the source said, and added that he is “in the best health and state of mind he’s ever been in.”

Despite enormous success with his songs and his tour, this hasn’t been an easy year for Justin Bieber, and some of his hardships had to do with his fans. Back in 2016, he announced he would not do “Meet and Greets” with his fans anymore, due to finding them emotionally draining. During the same year, he also shut down his Instagram account, following attacks from fans on his rumored (now ex) girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

It remains to be seen whether or not Justin Bieber’s hiatus plans actually materialize, but for now, his fans can take comfort in the fact that some new music is planned – and, of course, that “something special” is apparently coming soon.

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