Bradley Cooper attends appoints with pregnant Irina Shayk as he's excited about becoming a dad

Bradley Cooper ‘So Excited’ To Accompany Pregnant Girlfriend Irina Shayk To Ultrasound Appointments

Bradly Cooper is expecting his first child with model Irina Shayk and couldn’t be more excited.

The 42-year-old actor is reportedly so excited that he is sure to attend most— if not all— of Irina’s doctor appointments. E! News said Cooper is proving to be quite supportive during the pregnancy as he loves seeing the ultrasounds. Bradley has been accompanying Irina as they track the baby’s progress.

The site quoted a source as it described how much Cooper is enjoying impending fatherhood.

“Bradley has been there for her and is loving seeing the baby grow inside her. They share those moments when the baby kicks and they can’t wait!”

E! News added Bradley has been a hands-on dad so far as he takes Irina to appointments. And so far, both mom and baby are healthy as the parents-to-be await the arrival of their first child together.

“Bradley been taking her to her doctor visits and is so excited every time they see the baby. She is very healthy and the baby is as well.”

Bradley Cooper attends appoints with pregnant Irina Shayk as he's excited about becoming a dad
Irina Shayk debuts her baby bump on the runway. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

However, the article also stated Shayk is starting to feel more fatigue as her pregnancy progresses. The 31-year-old model walked in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where she debuted her baby bump. Irina was also quoted as saying she and Bradley hope to have more children in the future.

“She can’t wait to be a mom and would like more kids after this.”

E! News reported on Cooper and Shayk’s baby news back in November in an article that states she was in her second trimester at the time.

“Multiple sources tell E! News that Irina Shayk is expecting her first child with Bradley Cooper. According to one insider, the pregnant star is in her second trimester and is ‘so excited’ about becoming a mother for the very first time.”

This would put the expectant mom at or around her third trimester as the couple stated they can feel the baby moving and kicking. In fact, Harper’s Bazaar reports Irina and Bradley are expecting their baby to arrive in May in an article that also described his excitement.

“The actor and Irina Shayk are expecting their first child together in May and so far, he’s reportedly been very hands on and supportive, including accompanying Shayk to the OB/GYN to monitor their baby’s development.”

Irina was seen also seen sporting an emerald ring in December as the couple stirred rumors of an engagement. Harper’s Bazaar documented the couple’s relationship as they’ve been dating since 2015.

“Later in December 2016, Shayk was seen wearing an emerald engagement ring,suggesting she and the actor are set to tie the knot soon, too. The pair has been together since early 2015.”

Bradley Cooper attends appoints with pregnant Irina Shayk as he's excited about becoming a dad
[Image by Julian Finney/Getty Images]

While Irina doesn’t seem to be posting pregnancy photos on social media, fans have uploaded several of her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show moments as they take to showing support. Instagram users have said things such as “Oh her belly” as they comment on photos displaying Irina’s tiny bump.

Other Instagram users shared photos of Irina’s looks at the fashion show as she wore styles that covered her belly. Prior to Shayk going public with her pregnancy, her fans were already speculating as they eagerly awaited confirmation.

“…what if they covered Irina that much because she’s pregnant?! She’s Bradley Cooper girlfriend and there were rumours that she was pregnant!”

Extra also reported on how Irina hides her growing baby bump as fans can’t wait to see photos.

“Irina has concealed her baby bump with the help of loose clothes and bags.”

Perez Hilton shared a paparazzi photo of Shayk leaving Cooper’s house last month, but the model did a good job covering her bump then as well. However, the Daily Mail posted a photo of Irina this month as she covered her belly with an oversized coat.

“And Irina Shayk certainly seemed to be in a maternal mood as she placed a protective hand over her belly on Thursday.”

Protective indeed as no clear photos of the baby bump have surfaced yet.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]