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‘Pokemon GO’ Update 0.55.0: Something To Look Forward To?

Pokemon GO has been one of the most recent hits in the games-app arena. It has, over time, released various updates to improve user experience and gameplay as well as to constantly fix recurring glitches. Niantic’s Pokemon GO continues to be updated more or less sustainably. Admittedly, the updates that have been rolled out in the past have made minor corrections here and there. One such update occurred when users started experiencing gigantic Pokemon which weren’t even fitting into their screen. This glitch was then resolved later on.

The first update of the year, 0.53.1/1.23.1, officially had nothing new, and neither did 0.53.2/1.23.2, except for the fact that it supported Korean language and worked towards launching the game in South Korea. Given Pokemon GO’s past updates, fans had been expecting another update to come out soon. That time is finally here. Within a few days, Pokemon GO will release its latest update, which is labeled version 0.55.0 / 1.25.0.

Pokemon go update (android and ios)
‘Pokemon GO’ craze hits New York City on July 25, 2016. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Pokemon GO update 0.55.0 and 1.25.0 are rolling out now for Android and iOS. Usually, these updates take a while to hit both stores for all phones, so it is imperative for users to keep checking in order to see if the update is available or not. The update should show up in at least two days.

As far as the patch notes go, this Pokemon GO update seems to be addressing a few issues that have plagued players since the last couple of patches hit. The big news is that Android users will start seeing better opening load times, and the problems with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory should be resolved as well. A recent update caused Pokemon GO Plus users to have trouble getting the device connected to their phones. Hopefully, this patch resolves all those problems, because the Plus is very useful for those who want to play more casually.

Here are the full patch notes for Pokemon GO update 0.55.0 and 1.25.0.

“Reduced the starting load time on Android devices. Resolved Android connectivity issues for the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. Integrated iOS wheelchair support for use with Apple Watch. Minor text fixes.”

As for iOS, it has been confirmed that this new update adds compatibility with wheelchairs for use on Apple Watch version. It has also been confirmed that it adds some corrections in the texts. As usual, this update will gradually arrive at different compatible devices, so it is recommended that users stay alerted to their virtual stores.

As always, there are some minor text fixes. What could they be this time? And of course, any update to the game can make background changes, such as the addition of Gen 2 Pokemon data in some previous patches. Users will have to wait for the data miners to dig in to see what Niantic might have tossed in behind the scenes for this one.

Players are anxiously awaiting any major change to Pokemon GO, with Gen 2, shiny Pokemon, and genders being brought up often as possible additions to the game. Much of this has been added already, but it’s not active, so the game is just waiting for Niantic to be ready.

Pokemon go update 0.55.0
A man plays ‘Pokemon GO’ while on the bus on August 10, 2016 in New York City. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Even though the update will be out in a couple of days, Pokemon GO fans need not be as excited as they should be. Those who are expecting a Pokemon GO revolution through a major update that will introduce new exchanges and battles, once again, will remain high and dry. The gaming community is, therefore, waiting for Niantic to up their game by introducing something innovative that will be able to surpass user expectations every time an update is rolled out. Let’s hope that Pokemon GO will get exciting along its hyped journey since its inception.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]