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WWE News: Drew Galloway Gives Update On ‘Impact Wrestling’ Status, Talks Proposed WWE Feud With The Undertaker

Drew Galloway has been a hot topic in the professional wrestling world. Since Anthem Sports & Entertainment now owns TNA Impact Wrestling, even removing the “TNA” part from the name, a directional shift is taking place within the company. Although names such as Galloway are among the top in the company, high-paying contracts are now being reviewed and renegotiated to see if it is worth remaining viable.

In a recent episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, Galloway stated that his contract with Impact Wrestling is up in a few weeks, and he is current talks with the company for renewal. Although he did admit that other companies are speaking with him, his desire is to stay with Impact, seeing how the company was very instrumental with him maturing and being more confident in his craft.

“My contract comes up in like three weeks. We’re currently in talks. I really hope things work out the way I want them to work out… we just have to figure things out. There’s obviously people reaching out, but I’m just hoping things work out the way that I hope they work out because I’m having such a good ride right now.”

After surprisingly being released from WWE during his time as a member of the 3MB faction, Galloway would go back to compete in his homeland of the United Kingdom, before entering TNA as a member of The Rising, a faction that opposed the villainous group of the Beat Down Clan. His reaction from the crowd prompted a split in the faction, but it was a positive direction for Galloway. Within months, Galloway would become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and have a host of stellar matches with names such as EC3, Bobby Lashley, and Matt Hardy. Galloway would then eventually become a heel, stating that the fans did not give him the respect that he deserves. Appearing off and on for the company, Galloway recently made a return and captured the Impact Grand Championship from Moose.

Galloway had an opportunity to reach a similar level in WWE, but stated that he was not confident enough in his growth as an all-around character during backstage talks of him feuding with the Undertaker.

“I was supposed to work with him back in the day, and I remember talking to Vince about it, potentially working [with] Taker. And I remember talking to Hunter about it, and pointing out that I was aggressive and getting the job done in the ring, but not quite looking how I wrestled. I didn’t get it. When I watch myself, how young I looked and how I was a lot smaller, my ring stuff is fine and that’s a big part of it and a lot of people focus on that more than the other aspects. But you got to remember that you have to look believable, and I’m a believer in getting it done in the ring and looking the part and every aspect being covered. Back then, it would not have looked believable with me going toe to toe with the Taker.”

Galloway has made sure to stay active in the pro wrestling scene, even if he is not affiliated with WWE and is currently in contract discussions with TNA. Outside of returning to familiar territory of ICW, Galloway was just announced to be a part of 5 Star Wrestling’s Dominant Wrestling event just one day before the WWE Royal Rumble.

Pro wrestling fans have seen Drew Galloway mature in his craft over the years. From being Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One” in the WWE and winning the Intercontinental Championship, to being one of the top stars of Impact Wrestling and winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Galloway has accomplished a great amount of success at just 31-years-old. Even better, there is still much more left in his career, and even greater heights to achieve.

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