Breaking NJPW News: Kenny Omega To Stay Another Year In NJPW, Despite Major WWE Interest

There has been a ton of buzz in the wrestling world regarding Kenny Omega, as no knew where he would end up but all thoughts were that he may go to WWE over staying with NJPW. Sadly for WWE fans, it appears that Omega will remain in Japan to pursue his goal of becoming the IWGP Heavyweight Champion at some point this year.

Kenny Omega appeared on the Wrestling Observer Radio show to discuss his future. The word was that he would be making a decision on his future on Friday, but technically it is already Friday in Japan when the show would be heard there. He wanted to tell the world that he plays to remain in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. This is a big keep for New Japan, who knows Kenny Omega is too big to lose right now.

Omega would say that despite people wanting him to appear at The Royal Rumble this Sunday for the WWE, he will not be appearing in it and felt that they already had enough terrific talent in the match already and he did not want to ruin that. He went on to say that he has not signed a contract with New Japan yet, but he plans to fly out to Japan next month and re-negotiate a new deal with them.

Kenny Omega G1

He made it very clear that he would not be re-signing for multiple years, as he only wanted to sign on for one more year with the organization. He mentioned that negotiations with New Japan could always go belly-up, but he felt this would not happen. Kenny Omega would tell The Observer radio show that he felt he could make a bigger impact in Japan right now than in the WWE.

Many people find it interesting that Kenny Omega would go on a radio show and announce his intentions to stay with New Japan. Kenny has always been big on kayfabe, so it seems odd that he would make a big deal about where he would go and would not just show up at the place he plans to be at. He made it very clear he has not signed a deal with anyone and made very sure to make it known that he was flying out next month to sign.

Many take what Kenny Omega said as a bit odd. He has been playing up the idea of possibly leaving for the WWE for a while now. He wanted to make sure people knew that he did have interest and may very well end up there. He mentioned in a Q and A that he would love to wrestle AJ Styles at WrestleMania before he cannot do it anymore.

Omega G1 Press Conference

This could be why Kenny Omega is only signing a one-year extension with New Japan. He may be doing this so he can win the IWGP Heavyweight Title then go to WWE in 2018 and pursue his goals there. It seems to be very important to him that he win this title before he does anything else in his career. However, one would say that if he goes to WWE for a while and does what he wants there, he could always return to Japan when he’s done and win the title that has eluded him for so long.

Obviously due to not signing yet, WWE could always offer Kenny Omega a major contract to change his mind on going back to Japan. Omega has not negotiated a new deal with them yet, so it would make sense for WWE to make one final offer to get him to jump now that they know his decision. Of course they could also make sure to tell Kenny that he has a deal waiting in 2018 as well.

Regardless of what happens with Kenny Omega and where he goes, he will surely make wherever he lands a great place to be. Omega is known for giving the fans a great match every single time. He never fails to deliver and he may be the hottest act in the world right now. Just imagine what kind of a year Kenny will have now that New Japan realizes just how big a star they have.

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